Build (and test) video ads at scale to drive incremental revenue

We can now create mobile-first video ads that use your existing photo and image assets, text overlays and brand assets.

Jampp Team

August 14, 2019

We can now create mobile-first video ads that use your existing photo and image assets, text overlays and brand materials.

There’s a reason why mobile video ad spending in the US is expected to nearly double over, going from almost $16 billion this year to almost $25 billion in 2022*. On mobile, video ads have proven to be one of the most engaging formats to connect with customers, and now, producing video ads does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Jampp’s Video Ads Builder enables advertisers to automatically turn existing image, product data and text assets into sleek mobile-optimized videos.

👋 Wave goodbye to time consuming video production

#1 Automatic Video Creation

  • Eliminate the need for costly and time consuming video editing
  • Forget footage by leveraging image assets and text overlays to create beautiful video ads
  • Create 6 second ads that are catered to your mobile audience
  • Unlock new scale using dynamic content like product feeds to showcase as many products and features as you like (coming soon!)

#2 Automatic Video Testing

  • A/B test creative assets with tried and tested templates
  • Automatic Asset Optimization: We mix and match assets, testing the performance of your video’s creative components
  • We iterate based on results: Leverage granular insights to try more engaging creative variations

You focus on brand and creative strategy. Our platform will create the variations for you and update your ads to reflect changes in your messaging and inventory.

Why now?

Around half of all in-app ad inventory was video at the beginning of 2018– 52% globally and 48% in the U.S. in Q1 2018. Moreover, video competes in nearly 95% of all interstitial inventory on exchanges. This means that those who are not yet running video ads on a regular basis remain in a disadvantageous position when they bid for a display ad (with display prices) while competing with others who bid for video (with higher video prices). This is like bringing a knife to a gunfight and significantly reduces the chance of reaching their audience with engaging ads.

It’s not that advertisers don’t want to use video, it’s a great format to engage with mobile users, but it’s also the hardest to produce. Traditionally, building video ads takes brands a lot of manual editing and work, requiring the work of professional editors and designers. Because of this, advertisers tend to use the same 15 to 30 second videos produced for mainstream media channels and rehash them for mobile. Problem solved, right? Not quite.

The recent increase in video popularity has largely been fueled by the rise of the 6 second ads. This brief video ad length is perfectly catered for mobile users, whose average attention span, as recent studies suggest, is now only 8 seconds long. The new 6-second format has proven to drive significant lift in brand awareness, with an average lift of 9% across campaigns in the US.

The Solution

Jampp’s Video Ads Builder can create mobile-first video ads that use your existing photo assets, text overlays, and logos.

Our new Video Ads Builder can:

  • Turn Image to Video in 1 click: Existing images and copy assets are effortlessly transformed into mobile-optimized videos.
  • Discover On-Demand Themes: Unlock different designs specifically made for your app’s vertical. Each design can be easily tailored for your brand.
  • Conquer All Video Formats — The tool has both landscape and portrait options and the ability to crop both image and video assets to seamlessly adapt your content for the different channels were your users engage with your ads.

Getting Started

Adding video ads to the mix, marketers can access more inventory and win impressions in the best performing interstitial placements to reach new users and further engage their current customers.

Producing video ads does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Contact us to start engaging with your mobile customers on video right away. The new feature is available to all Jampp Customers.