Can uninstall data save you money on app retargeting?

Learn how to leverage app uninstall data to boost conversions and lower the overall CPA of their app marketing campaigns.

Jampp Team

March 10, 2020

Learn how to leverage app uninstall data to boost conversions and lower the overall CPA of app marketing campaigns.

App uninstalls happen to the best of us...

According to AppsFlyer data, “no less than 49% of apps are uninstalled within 30 days of being downloaded.” And while the first day after install tends to be when most users uninstall the app, making it past the first day doesn’t guarantee a safe spot on that screen.

Unsurprisingly, apps that require a lengthier registration (such as Social and Finance) tend to show a higher uninstall rate in the first 3-4 days than other verticals—that’s 15% more1.

Using app uninstall data to enhance App Retargeting

With 47% of uninstalls happening in the first 24hs after install1, it may come as a surprise that many marketers still don’t leverage uninstall data to optimize campaign results.

Adding uninstall data to the mix can have a significant impact on performance: it allows marketers to focus their App Retargeting campaigns strictly on users that still have the app in their devices. Users that uninstalled the app are the least likely to engage with your app retargeting ads, so showing creatives to these users often drives up the media cost with little return on investment. Furthermore, it makes little sense to target users who uninstalled the app with the same ad used for customers who haven't engaged with your brand recently.

Fighting uninstalls with uninstall data ⚔️🛡️

As we implemented uninstall data on many of our app retargeting campaigns, we started seeing significant improvements towards our customers’ goals. However, many clients are still not pulling this data from their MMP partners, so we decided to implement an A/B test with several advertisers from 5 different verticals to effectively determine the actual impact of excluding uninstalls. The results were measured with a click cohort report over a period of 7 days, and showed positive results.

The results

The analysis revealed that the results were similar across the different verticals. However, improvements were more significant in verticals with a higher event frequency, like Food Delivery.

Wrapping Up

Are you already making the most of your uninstall data? If not, check whether your MMP has the technology to track which users uninstalled your app, and how to set it up for future campaigns. At Jampp, we encourage all our customers to implement uninstall tracking in their app retargeting strategies to achieve improved performance results. If you want to learn more about app retargeting, check our App Retargeting Best Practices post, or request a demo.


[1] “The Uninstall Threat: 2019 Uninstall Benchmarks,” AppsFlyer.