Hiring at Jampp: How we build our awesome team 💥

Hiring is hard, in this post we cover the 5 key principles that guide Jampp's interview process to get to know candidates and discover what’s their potential for the role.

Romina Rizzo

April 14, 2021

We’re always hiring. That’s our motto.

The Jampp team

For us, hiring is about finding the people that we know will be great Jamppers, it’s not just something that we start doing when we need to fill a specific role.

We believe that Jamppers are our most valuable asset: each of us makes up our culture, brings our values to life, and collaborates to help the company scale. From building our products and technology to working along with our customers to achieve their goals, people are at the heart of everything we do 💙 .

So yes, we’re always hiring, but we don’t hire just anyone.

Throughout our hiring process, we follow the 5 principles outlined below to get to know candidates and discover what’s their potential for the role.

#1 Hiring is every Jampper’s responsibility 🙋

Everyone at Jampp is a key player when it comes to hiring top talent. Managers are involved in every stage of our process, whether it's helping to create a job post, source for candidates, review applications, or prioritize interviews in their calendar.

We also encourage all team members to make referrals and help with interviews. In fact, every Jampper that participates in the interviewing process is previously trained in our Interviewer Certification Program to ensure we are consistent and that we deliver the best candidate experience.

Jamppers participating in our Interviewer Certification Program - Class of 2019!

And when we say that everyone is involved, we really mean it! Candidates even get to meet the founders as part of the interview process. We believe this is an exciting opportunity for job applicants as well: it’s not every day that you get to talk to a founder and ask them about the company’s history, culture, and plans for the future 🔮.

#2 Candidate experience comes first 🤓

During the hiring process, one of our goals is to show potential new Jamppers what working at Jampp looks like.  That’s why we work hard to ensure:

A tailor-made path 🛣️. Every team has different needs, so every interviewing plan is different. The hiring team carefully structures each process to ensure the interviews and technical exams are relevant to each role. We also encourage candidates to proactively request further conversations if they feel that they need to meet specific team members in order to get a better idea of the position and/or the company.

“It was great having the opportunity to meet so many people in the leadership team.” — Tim, Sales Operations Director in US
“Having the possibility to talk with technical team members during the interviews helped me be more confident in the process.” — Luis, DevOps Engineer in Argentina

Transparency 💬 We strive to maintain an open and straightforward communication with every candidate. This means keeping them updated on their process and answering any question that may arise; whether it’s about next stages, interviewers, industry data, or internal dynamics.

“I appreciated the hiring process because it was very flexible, quick-moving, and transparent.” — Matt, Sales Manager in US
“Although there were many rounds of interviews, I was kept updated at every stage and there was very little waiting. Even if there was, I was always made aware of the status and what to expect for next steps.” — Annie, Account Manager in Singapore

#3 The right attitude > the perfect skills

Granted, expertise is key for any position, but it’s not the only thing that matters. We’d rather choose an enthusiastic go-getter with potential who needs some initial training than an obnoxious know-it-all.  

Technical skills are important, but so are other types of skills. This is why our conversations and exercises also evaluate how a candidate handles challenges, how they communicate and work with others, and, overall, if they share our values.

After all, we are not looking for the most skilled person in the world. We are looking for people who love what they do and want to work in a place where they can make a difference and constantly learn new things.

#4 When making a decision, every voice matters 🎙️

Hiring Managers are responsible for building their teams, there are no unilateral decisions when it comes to hiring a new member. This doesn't mean that everyone should share the exact same point of view, but every interviewer’s opinion is taken into account to make sure that the entire hiring team is onboard.

#5 We are thorough (and we expect you to be as well! 💪)

Our process is known to have several interviews, and we are more than ok with that! Our goal is to assess whether a candidate is a right fit for a specific position, but also for them to get to know their potential co-workers and learn about Jampp's culture.

At the end of the day, a hiring process is not only about us choosing a new team member, but also about them choosing us!

Every hire is an important milestone. We’ve seen time and again how new Jamppers boost the team and create new opportunities. When we extend an offer, we are completely sure about the candidate's growth possibilities at Jampp, as well as the value they bring in and how they will contribute to our awesome team’s success. For us, every hire is a bet on the future and we hope each candidate feels the same way about their opportunity to work with us  🙌.

“I got the feeling throughout the process that Jampp focuses on specific candidates rather than addressing all the possible people out there, and that's why there are various meetings before an offer.” — Guido, Product Analyst in Argentina

What’s next? Interviewing at Jampp is just the beginning…

As you can tell, we take hiring very seriously at Jampp and we use these principles as a guide to help us ensure the best possible candidate experience. If you join Jampp, you’ll notice that these principles are deeply aligned with our values and that making sure Jamppers feel part of the team is always a priority.

Bonus track: what happens after you say yes to our offer 👇

We work hard to ensure that every new Jampper has an organized and smooth landing to the team; taking every detail into consideration:

💻 We will send you all the equipment needed in time

📅  You will start off by having all your onboarding meetings scheduled

🙋 A Jampp buddy will be assigned to be your guide during your first month

🕵️ We'll try to discover what makes you unique as a person and customize the process with things that you like 😉

Jampp remote work kit

                                         Yeah, we love the Sticker Mule laptop stickers!

Do you have what it takes?

Take our recruiting process for a spin! Is Jampp the right place for you? Visit our careers page to find the opportunity that most excites you and send us your CV!