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Jamppers thrive on change and our shared ability to always be learning. We celebrate our diverse perspectives in everything we do.

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The Jampp team at an offsite in Argentina

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Titles and years of experience don't matter to us – shared values and the impact you can have on our team and business will always take precedence.

Helping customers reach their growth potential starts with helping our team reach theirs. We equip Jamppers with industry-leading benefits, including competitive compensation, generous vacation time, family care policies, and  other perks to support remote work.

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The Jampp team at Jampp Camp

Hiring at Jampp: How we build our awesome team

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What our Jamppers say about working with us

A day in the life of a Jampper is nothing but unique. Find out firsthand from the Jamppers that make our team, what a Jampper journey looks like:

Philip Weiskirchen, Director of Sales

My role at Jampp is perfect because I’m in a position where I can sell state-of-the-art technology in one of the fastest growing industries. I like that I get to talk to people I find interesting and build meaningful relationships at the same time.

Philip Weiskirchen
Director of Sales
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Romina Rizzo from Jampp

"We are not looking for the most skilled person in the world, we are looking for people that love what they do and want to work in a place where they can make a difference and constantly learn new things as they
do so."

Romina Rizzo
Talent Acquisition Manager
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Romina Rizzo from Jampp

"I think what makes our infrastructure unique is that we care for efficiency a lot. Many companies out there will use whatever pre-built tool they can get their hands on (and which their engineers know) and try to hammer each and every nail with it, throwing money at the problem when things get tricky. We try to avoid that."

Claudo Freire
Senior Software Engineer
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Tatiana Kramarz from Jampp

“While we are no longer a startup, we are a fast growing tech company in a very dynamic industry: we have new features, new customers, different verticals, and we constantly have to make sure we are up to date with everything.”

Tatiana Kramarz
Head of Account Management
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