2022 goals: conquer the SKAN world with Jampp 🌎

Excerpt: Are you running SKAN campaigns? In this article, we tell you why SKAdNetwork will be a must for your media mix in 2022.

Jampp Team

January 13, 2022

Ok, so you’ve spent 2020 avoiding the numerous doomsday-sy articles about iOS 14.5+ and ATT, and 2021 skeptically reading SKAN success stories —but now it’s time to give it a go 🎬, right?

If you need to summarize the whole spiel to your higher-ups, this short video explains what the rollout of ATT meant:

And this video explains why Jampp is the best DSP to run SKAN campaigns with:

At Jampp, we’ve been relentlessly working to adapt our proprietary technology to Apple’s new privacy policies since ATT was first announced. Fast-forward to today, we’ve come a long way in helping our customers grow in the post-IDFA era:

  • Jampp was one of the first DSPs to be approved on Apple's SKAdnetwork
  • We started testing Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) campaigns early on, and continue to see great results across our customers
  • Since the industry was initially slow to adopt ATT, we created our own app to test SKAdNetwork 
  • Jampp was ranked as one of the top 10 companies in AppsFlyer's SKAN Performance Index
  • We’ve continued to support our customers to help them smoothly transition into the SKAN era. So far, we see that the overall average CPI is at least 37% lower on SKAN campaigns (vs IDFA-only campaigns), but don’t just take our word for it 😉:
“Jampp's ability to navigate through SKAdnetwork has helped Fetch Rewards continue to achieve our KPIs. Working together, we’ve achieved 41% lower CPIs in our SKAN campaigns, and we continue to see progress as we keep testing new strategies to reach and engage shoppers.” — Austin Thomson, Sr. Marketing Manager, Performance Media at Fetch Rewards (Read the complete success story here).

Kickoff 2022 with Successful SKAN Campaigns

SKAdNetwork is here to stay—and now’s the perfect time to start testing! As IDFA availability keeps decreasing, SKAN allows app marketers to keep driving success in iOS. If you’re looking to test SKAN in 2022, or if you’re already running this framework and want to take your iOS campaigns to the next level, drop us a line to talk to one of our Sales reps.

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