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We leverage machine learning and predictive algorithms to make programmatic advertising work for your team.

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Tell us your goals, our technology will do the rest

You set your goals and our algorithms adjust everything (where to buy, how much to pay, what creative to show and when) to ensure your investment is ROI positive.

Our platform continuously analyzes contextual and behavioral signals to forecast LTV and in-app conversions.

We build and rotate creatives on different placements and automatically adjust bids to exceed your goals.

You get full visibility into your performance and ad spend with our dashboard, API and (even) log-level data.

Engineered for Growth

Everything you need to scale programmatic

Programmatic marketing can get extremely complicated. Our technology does the hard stuff so that you can focus on developing your product.

Full Funnel

Run User Acquisition and Retargeting seamlessly in one platform to drive incremental growth across the user journey.

Creative Performance

Combine our creative team’s expertise with our automated testing technologies to maximize the impact of your ad production.

Privacy by Design

Go beyond User IDs. We use behavioral data when users decide to share it but rely on contextual signals for optimization.

Results at Scale

Tap into data from over +120B ad requests every day—then translate that reach into quality conversions to drive long-term growth.


Partnered with the best of the industry

Work with one of our trusted measurement, audience and anti-fraud partners who will help your team track and boost performance with transparency.

Unity Ads
Assembly Exchange

Work with one of our trusted measurement, audience and anti-fraud partners who will help your team track and boost performance with transparency.

IAS Integral Ad Science
Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. See our great past results.


"With their custom audience segmentation strategy, Jampp was able to deliver incremental performance, quickly ramping up to hit our CPA goals right from the start."

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Athina Sofou from BEAT
Anel Yerzhanova
Performance Marketing Manager at Pocket Gems
Just Eat Takeaway

"Jampp’s retargeting platform has allowed us to boost our mobile orders while maintaining our CPA benchmark. Additionally, their team has been super transparent and proactive."

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Marc Deckers from Just Eat Takeaway
Marc Deckers
Senior App Marketing Specialist
Just Eat Takeaway

By combining Jampp’s programmatic technology with smart segmentation and creative strategies, PatPat was able to meet their ambitious ROI goals for key dates. During Black Friday, for example, the app achieved roughly +25% ROI.

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BEAT App Logo

“We leveraged Jampp's platform for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting to ensure we were engaging our customers along the entire user journey.”

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Athina Sofou from BEAT
Athina Sofou
Digital Media Specialist at BEAT
Rapido App

“Jampp helped us drive growth through the entire user journey, from discovery to re-engagement. They have proven to be an instrumental growth platform for us, offering scale, transparency, quality, and great service across User Acquisition and App Retargeting.”

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Sounak Mondal from Rapido
Sounak Mondal
Business Analyst, Affiliate Marketing

“In a dynamic industry such as ours, it’s not enough to have a great product. You also need to have partners with the technology and expertise to deliver real growth in a cost-efficient way. With Jampp we were able to scale our reach and achieve lower CPIs.”

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Emma Jin
Traffic Operations Director

“As a performance marketer, you want to be sure that you are investing in the right marketing channels. With Jampp, we’ve been able to see the incremental value of our app retargeting efforts. Their team has been super proactive about testing new strategies and sharing insights.”
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Felipe Galizia from Wabi
Felipe Galizia
Business Manager Marketing
Fetch Rewards

“For us, it’s not only about hitting the right KPIs. It’s also about scale—and Jampp managed to do both at the same time. With CPI rates falling by 54% and conversions on the rise, we feel we’ve achieved healthy and lasting growth.”
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Austin Thomson from Fetch Rewards
Austin Thomson
Sr. Marketing Manager - Growth
Neon Pagamentos App

“Getting a user to install the app is only the first step. We were able to leverage Jampp’s technology to identify how and when to engage with new users, showing our app’s ease of use and boosting our card activations.”

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Gabriel Teixeira from Neon
Gabriel Teixeira
Media Leader at Neon

Use cases

Ambitious mobile companies in every industry use Jampp to grow

Financial Services Apps


Grow your business by driving new installs, encouraging in-app activations, and finding long-term users.

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E-Commerce and Shopping Apps


Grow by targeting shoppers with location-based campaigns and dynamic ads with your product catalog.

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Mobile Games


Grow your game by driving new installs, encouraging in-app actions, and finding high paying users.

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