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Jampp helps you launch localized offers at scale by targeting shoppers with customized messaging, local pricing, and store conditions

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Build dynamic ads

Personalize your ads without the manual work. Use your entire catalog of products to dynamically build high-performance ads relevant to specific audience. Push new products, prices and local offers in real time.

Dynamic ads for Commerce apps

Location-based Relevance

Easily show ads that are relevant based on the user’s geographic location (ie: showcase the local pizza shop, instead of a generic ad).
Unlock the location targeting capabilities of programmatic to increase ad relevance and conversion rates.

Geolocated ads for Commerce apps

ROAS driven optimization

We analyse post-install activity to predict LTV, pick the right creative, segment users and bid to find incremental revenue (not just in-app events).


Ambitious commerce companies are using Jampp to grow

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“For us, it's not only about hitting the right KPIs. It's also about scale—and Jampp managed to do both at the same time. With CPI rates falling by 54% and conversions on the rise, we feel we've achieved healthy and lasting growth. ”

Austin Thomson from Fetch Rewards
Austin Thomson
Sr. Marketing Manager - Growth at Fetch Rewards
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