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Reach users at every step of their journey:

User Acquisition


User Journey timeline, from discovery to re-engagementUser Journey, from Discovery to Re-Engagement

Meet your ROAS

Set your goals and our algorithms will adjust everything to ensure you are ROAS positive on your campaigns.

  • We analyze contextual and behavioral data to forecast the value of each user at various periods (1, 7, 30 days) and for different monetization types.
  • Our technology finds users that are more likely to install and engage with the app after seeing an ad.
  • You reach a high volume of people that  engage with your apps for greater retention and opportunities to monetize better.
Fintech appIncrease in campaign lift
engage users across screens

Drive measurable growth for your app with CTV ads

Track app downloads and re-engagements associated with CTV campaigns to optimize towards the best cost-per-action in real time.

Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting

Leverage the power of programmatic to make your ads reach the most relevant users for your app.

Real-time optimization

Real-time optimization

Our platform optimizes your campaign based on real-time data from multiple KPIs.

Guaranteed impact

Guaranteed impact

Rely on CTV’s large screen storytelling to grow your mobile app user base.

Integrated ROI measurement

Integrated ROI measurement

Seamlessly attribute engagements from CTV campaigns and mobile apps through leading MMPs.

Jampp CTV
Jampp Creative Performance

Maximize Creative Performance

Original, high quality creatives yield lifts in conversions, without needing to increase cost of acquisitions (CPI or CPA).

  • High quality, high volume creatives: Our Creative Labs let us generate unlimited concept variations using your brand assets.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): We find the best ad per impression by combining multiple ad images, descriptions, and other brand assets.
  • Feed or Catalog-Based Creatives: We generate thousands of ads using any data source to dynamically show prices, discounts or game assets.
  • Interactivity and visual impact: We leverage HTML5 to build highly engaging and appealing in-ad experiences to boost conversion rates.

In-House creative production

Our in-house design team is ready to deliver performance-driven creatives.

Reduce CPIs, shorten the learning curve, and stand out with high-impact mobile ads designed by a team of passionate and collaborative designers.

In-house creative development

Creative optimization process

Strategic A/B testing will give you the data to back up your business decisions instead of relying on a gut feeling.

1. Build & Test

Explore different ideas and ad elements that are key to the app or game and user experience to find the combination that resonates with your target audience the most.

Top-performing ad variations

2. Measure

Trust the numbers. Back up your strategic decisions with significant tests to ensure the success of your future campaigns. Analyze install volume, CTRs, CVRs, and CPAs to understand the combination that resonates with your target audience.

3. Iterate

It's time to double down on your best performing ads. What made the ad successful? What elements can you tweak to test performance? Fail fast and keep testing.

Creative testing solution for apps
Peek into how well your mobile app ads are doing.

Know exactly what's happening with your campaign

Use our dashboard to stay on top of your ad spend, conversions, and ROAS. Gain full visibility into campaigns, audiences and creatives in real time.

Use our reporting API and view this information through your internal tools.

Give your data science team access to log-level data.

Jampp's Always-on Lift Measurement dashboard

Lift Measurement

We developed Always-on Lift Measurement to understand the incremental impact of your ad spend on your User Acquisition and App Retargeting campaigns.

Scientifically accurate

Statistically significant results with no bias using Ghost Bids

Always on and non disruptive

See real results in real time for the entire user journey on our platform

Inexpensive and scalable

Available from day 1 at no additional cost.

Incrementality measurement campaign dashboard
Apple ATT prompt

Leading mobile DSP for the post-IDFA era

As one of the pioneering performance mobile DSPs, we have lived through many changes (in how we track, buy, and optimize media) in the mobile ecosystem.

Detailed Reporting: See SKAdNetwork results aggregated at the campaign level plus statistical modeling to report ROAS and performance.

Enhanced Performance: Access all the traffic and attribution types including SKAN, probabilistic attribution and IDFA (when available) to drive campaign success.

Conversion Values to ROAS: We leverage early signs of engagement to predict long-term campaign performance. We model which in-app events are predictive of the LTV target.

Industry leaders: We are ranked as one of the top 10 mobile marketing companies in AppsFlyer’s SKAN Index.

Massive Scale

We reach +800M mobile users and tap into data from over 120B ad requests every single day.

Traffic Verification

We protect your budget and brand through fraud detection algorithms and third-party verification vendors.

Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Our models learn from the bidstream data to determine how many bid requests should be cut for positive ROAS.

Price Dynamics

We analyze historical clearing prices across first-price auctions to choose the optimal bid for each impression.

Jampp is trusted by leading mobile marketing teams to accelerate their growth.

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