About us

Fueling the Mobile App Economy

Our mission

Today we lean on mobile to play, shop, work, learn, monitor our health, and escape.

Jampp's mission is to play a leading role enabling this mobile app economy to grow. It’s what the pros use to market at scale, without the hassle of building and managing in-house programmatic infrastructure.

We build technology to support the most ambitious companies - from gaming to commerce pioneers - to propel the reach of their apps and accelerate their mobile businesses.

Jampp team at an offsite event
Jampp HQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our culture

Jampp started off in 2013, with just 8 people and 1 customer. Since then, we've become a team of +90 people in +15 cities around the globe. The truth is, we wouldn’t have been able to scale if it weren’t for our culture and the Jamppers that shape it.

We are building a team of  talented entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and skills. As Jamppers, we take ownership and face new challenges,  working to help the mobile app industry thrive.


We're a remote-first organization

Being remote-first is what makes the most sense for Jampp. It opens up the possibility of working with Jamppers and customers located in different cities, countries, and time zones; while still having office hubs in various locations like San Francisco, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Singapore.

The Jampp team working remotely
Jamppers from the Tech team

Grow with us

Ever dreamed of changing the future of mobile apps? Do you revel in the challenge of being part of a fast-growing company? Always wanted to go to Mars, but knew it was too dangerous? Two out of three work for us.

Ready to make an impact? We want to hear from you.
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