BIGO LIVE partners with Jampp for User Acquisition

BIGO LIVE partners with Jampp for User Acquisition

Jampp Team

February 24, 2021


BIGO LIVE is one of the world's fastest-growing live streaming social communities where users broadcast in real-time to share life moments, showcase their talents, and interact with people from around the world. With around 400 million users in over 150 countries, BIGO LIVE is quickly becoming a market leader in the live streaming industry.

BIGO LIVE aims to empower a new generation of users with an exciting new social language where they can showcase, discover, and stay connected in a positive and creative online environment.

The Challenge

With a vision to be a content platform that inspires one billion people’s lives, BIGO LIVE aims to continue growing their creative online environment. To this end, the app was looking for a user acquisition partner that could unlock new scale with programmatic traffic while hitting their CPIs.

“In a dynamic industry such as ours, it’s not enough to have a great product. You also need to have partners with the technology and expertise to deliver real growth in a cost-efficient way. With Jampp we were able to scale our reach and achieve lower CPIs.” — Emma Jin, Traffic Operations Director.

Scaling with LAT traffic

There is still a high level of uncertainty regarding attribution in iOS. One thing that is clear is that the advertisers who are smart enough to test and implement new solutions will likely come out ahead. Back in November 2020, we launched Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) traffic campaigns for BIGO LIVE and were able to quickly reach more scale while decreasing CPI.

Unlocking insights and performance with creative optimization

Without IDFA, optimization focuses on contextual variables and creative data points. BIGO LIVE leveraged Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder to create ads that could be automatically optimized for performance. In Dynamics Ads, Each ad element is a data point that our machine learning technology uses to determine which creative works best.

Additionally, this feature’s ability to effortlessly create multiple ad variations made it possible to quickly create themed ads for Christmas and New Year.  Whether they involve planning gifts, outings or trips, holidays and special dates are usually top of mind for users. Advertisers should leverage these opportunities to engage users and show them how the app helps them tackle holiday-related activities.

The Results

With a fresh product and intelligent app marketing strategies, BIGO LIVE has been steadily growing and is well on its way to fulfill their vision and become a content platform that inspires one billion people’s lives. With Jampp, BIGO LIVE was able to leverage contextual and creative optimization to engage new users efficiently.

“Jampp has been a true partner in our acquisition efforts. Their product works, and their team offers top-level service. They clearly communicate throughout the campaign, offering transparency, insights, and suggestions.” — Emma Jin, Traffic Operations Director.

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