Burger King® Brazil exceeds KPIs with Jampp’s App Retargeting solution

Burger King® Brazil partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting.

Betina Guedes

May 2, 2024

The Challenge

Converting users into customers and driving ongoing in-app interactions is especially challenging in the Food Delivery & QSR industry. This is a particularly crowded vertical where users don’t have just one go-to Food app but rather alternate between a variety of options.

As a long-established expert in the industry, Burger King® Brazil understood these challenges early on and focused on exploring new and innovative approaches to take over this $3.14 billion opportunity. As part of their growth strategy, Burger King® Brazil partnered with Jampp to boost their mobile sales through App Retargeting, encouraging users to place more in-app orders, more often.

“Jampp has been a key App Retargeting partner for Burger King Brazil. Our partnership has not only boosted our bottom line, but also given us the edge to keep driving incremental revenue and increased in-app orders. We are very happy with the technology and service they offer." —Mayra Dietzold, Head of Marketing at Burger King® Brazil.

The Solution

To help Burger King® Brazil meet their ambitious growth goals, Jampp combined a strong App Retargeting strategy with eye-catching creative optimization features and machine learning technology. As a result, Burger King® Brazil saw a remarkable 9.5-fold increase in app events while achieving a CPA 6 times more efficient than the campaign’s original goal

At the creative level, the campaign was focused on three specific initiatives:

1️⃣ Attracting eyeballs with limited-time offers

For businesses like Burger King® Brazil, which have an extensive and varied product offering, it can be challenging to constantly build brand awareness around new items or app functionalities. Limited-time discounts create a compelling reason for users to return to the app to try exclusive in-app deals and features. By using deep links, these ads were set up to lead users to a specific conversion section within an app, such as the shopping cart, so that they can complete the purchase.

2️⃣ Identifying top-performing ad units

When it comes to creatives, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. User behavior is subject to change due to a variety of factors, from the time of the day to the weather. That’s why repeatedly using the same creative concepts and testing the same ad formats can limit your campaign’s potential. Leveraging Jampp’s Creative Optimization technology, Burger King® Brazil tested a variety of ad formats, such as animated, native, interstitial, and video ads, with Jampp identifying the latter two to be the top performers.

3️⃣ Automatically building ad variations with DPA

Burger King® Brazil leveraged Jampp’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) to automatically create hundreds of ad variations featuring their diverse offering. In DPA, all the elements within an ad (image, copy, CTA, price, stock) are pulled directly from a product feed and act as a unique data point optimized in real time to create high-converting creatives. 

This A/B testing strategy provided Burger King® Brazil with new data about how users were interacting with their ads, and which specific products resonated the most with them.

Burger King® Brazil Success Metrics

“With Jampp’s Dynamic Product Ads, we can run as many creative variations as we want on our App Retargeting campaigns. We have an extensive menu, so being able to automatically reflect that in our creatives has been a game-changer. This has provided us with insights to build and deliver more relevant creatives for our customers, continuously increasing our engagement.” —Mayra Dietzold, Head of Marketing at Burger King® Brazil.

Grow your app with Jampp

If you want to learn more about how Jampp’s programmatic platform and solutions can help you grow your user base and drive more in-app conversions, take a look at our success stories, or contact us to see our growth platform in action.

About Burger King®

Burger King® is one of the largest fast food operations in Brazil, present in every state in the country. The chain's first restaurant opened in Brazil in 2004 and was officially operated by Brazilian master franchisee, ZAMP®, in 2011. With more than 850 establishments, including company-owned and franchised stores, the brand was considered one of the most creative in the world for three consecutive years at Cannes. To learn more about Burger King® in Brazil, visit the website or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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