3 reasons why you should be planning your Holiday Season campaign

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas combine into a month-long shopping season—here’s how to make the most of it!

Melisa Rocío Fernández

September 7, 2022

In this article, we cover everything app marketers need to know before launching their Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas campaigns, including:

  • When users start looking for Black Friday deals
  • When to start running Black Friday mobile ads
  • How mobile traffic costs increase around big shopping dates
  • Best practices for planning your app marketing strategy
  • Useful resources to boost your Holiday Season campaigns 

BONUS: at the end of this post, you’ll find a one-sheet version with key insights that you can share with your team (available in English and in Portuguese), as well as a selection of useful resources.

Shopping app installs and revenue soar in Q4

3 reasons why launching your campaigns in advance will help you maximize your ROAS

#1 User interest starts weeks before the key dates

Users start looking for deals as early as October, weeks before the actual Black Friday day. These are not just 24-hour events: dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas combine into a month of shopping promos that users keep top-of-mind.

#2: Savvy mobile advertisers start running their campaigns early as well

Season dates are highly competitive periods where users are flooded with ads. Marketers usually start running themed ads and limited-time offers in advance to stand out from competitors, raise awareness of their brand, and build up hype.

The campaigns you run ahead of the Holiday Season will provide actionable insights to optimize your results in time for the actual key dates.

📚 Recommended read: learn how PatPat, a leading shopping app for baby & kid’s clothes, saw +25% ROI when running limited-time campaigns for Black Friday with Jampp.

Reason #3: Costs are higher, but so is ROAS

Due to the increase in competition during this period, we’ve seen CPM rates rise up to 40% in November-December (vs September)[1]. However, while costs during the period might be higher, in-app purchases are also higher.

To gain further scale and stand out from the competition when traffic costs are higher, marketers should adjust their campaign budget to match the growth in search and traffic.

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Kick off your Holiday Season strategy with Jampp!

The end-of-year Shopping season is the most relevant period for app marketers to attract new customers and drive incremental sales—and to make the most of these dates, you need to start planning in advance (don’t forget that users’ interest starts weeks ahead! 😉).

Contact us to learn how Jampp can help you grow this Holiday Season—now’s the perfect time to set your goals, fine-tune your campaign strategy, and start driving incremental sales for your app.

5 mobile marketing resources for the Holiday Season

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[1] Aggregated data from Jampp’s integrated exchanges, 2020

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