Boosting mobile sales. Oh, and our image.

Today, Jampp launches a new look. 😎

Jampp Team

February 8, 2017

Today, Jampp launches a new look. 😎

Like most startups, Jampp’s story is not linear, if we’d have to graph it, it would look more like a cardiograph than a hockey stick. We like the cardiograph analogy because as long as it’s not flat… we’re still alive. And lately it keeps going up and to the right :-)

For three years we’ve been busy building a platform to meet the needs of the world’s fastest growing mobile advertisers, while in our own backyard, we’ve let the weeds grow with a website that lags far behind our technological advancements.

And there have been many, so it’s time to change all that.

In the beginning

Our original logo came from our gaming origins — yes, we started off developing games and we were extraordinarily bad at it. Jampp pivoted in 2013 to help mobile app advertisers market their apps.

At the time there was a lot of uncertainty. We were focused on smaller (startup-like) clients and were, ourselves, a small, scruffy, bootstrapped startup. This was our very first logo…

We wanted to appeal to the indie developer, the “growth hacker”. Here’s our first website…

Jampp’s first website, you needed sunglasses to look at it.

The overriding message was about downloads, volume, ranking and the places where we could drive the traffic. These were simpler times — remember that Facebook only launched their app install ads service in October 2012 and even then people thought that they were late to the party.

Look Ma, Series A

2014 was the year that made us realize the size of the opportunity: suddenly everybody had an app and a mobile marketing budget. Also, there seemed to be a million companies selling app installs so using data and technology to drive quality installs was a key differentiator for us.

As our revenues multiplied by over 6x that year, we invested heavily in continuing to improve our technology (we’d launched the first version of our bidder the year before) and decided to raise some outside investment for the first time.

With a clearer vision in mind, we modernized our logo slightly and launched a new website to emphasize our focus on technology-driven optimization as well as our new app engagement product, which was only starting to pop up in conversations.

Mobile customers, not installs

In time, with Facebook leading the charge, it became evident that only one thing really mattered to advertisers buying media/traffic for their apps: engaged users.

And given Facebook’s dominance, there has always been little incentive to buy ad inventory from the plethora of ad networks, exchanges, agencies and other platforms if you can’t measure how each traffic source is driving real business results (more purchases, lower CPA, or better ROI in general).

It’s a particularly difficult task to achieve this at any scale and this is why companies that can actually do it (🙋🏽) are applying machine learning technology that can efficiently analyze vast amounts of in-app data to predict which users are the most likely to become your customers. The answer lies in matching the right ad with the right person at the right moment — something everybody’s heard before, but it’s not that easy in practice — driving better results for marketers and fewer (but more impactful and personal) ads for consumers.

Our mission is to help advertisers boost their mobile sales; we’d love to see the industry as a whole embrace this focus.

With all this in mind, we feel like it’s perfect timing to (briefly) take stock of how far we’ve come, stick a stake in the ground, group hug (tricky, as we’re now in 7 time zones), and unveil a new, fresher look that better embodies what we do.

Blueish is the new Cyan

Our logo retains a lot of the old shape but is now more streamlined and less playful (the “m” got tired of jampping around):

And our color palette also adapts to our new brand and message…

With this (of course) comes a new version of our website, designed to better reflect our mission and explain how our products and technology work, in a way that is simple to understand.

Feel free to scope out our latest technological capabilities, read about our company culture, or browse our careers page ;-)

Smartphones and the mobile industry itself are just 10 years old. Hence we’re only getting started. We are renewing our image today, while already thinking about what is to come tomorrow.

The future feels more exciting than ever.

Diego Meller & Martin Añazco
Jampp Co-Founders

Diego and Martin discuss what face to make while they are having a photo taken
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