Coffee and Apps actually mix well

São Paulo Mobile Coffee Session

Jampp Team

February 2, 2017

São Paulo Mobile Coffee Session

Last week, we co-hosted a Mobile Coffee Session in São Paulo with adjust. With baristas from Coffee Lab and an amazing lineup of speakers, we used the 2-hour morning session to taste innovative coffee brews and talk mobile marketing strategies with the best in the business.

Session Agenda

Our agenda at the event included the following topics and speakers:

Key Takeaways

Here are just a few of the key takeaways from the event:

  • User experience is the best way to lead marketing strategies. If you have the best app experience, users will keep coming back and influence their friends to become loyal users as well.
  • Within 3 months, an average app loses 90% of its users, which means engagement is essential to maintain the conversation with users. Paying attention to all your marketing channels, in order to improve your overall app performance is a must.
  • Combining user acquisition with engagement campaigns really makes a difference. Additionally, branding strategies apply to every type of campaign, so Call To Actions (CTAs), images, push notifications, everything should be aligned with the target audience and the brand messaging.
  • It’s important to understand which conversions impact your mobile app and business goals. To see which mobile metrics matter most, look at conversions, but also branding impact, user experience, engagement rates and CRM opportunities.
  • The market is addicted to last click attribution. However, mobile experiences prove how important it is to understand the complete consumer journey and advertisers are starting to shift their mindset, think outside the box to try new attribution models.
“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that despite Brazil being a mobile-first market, we still lack mobile-focused initiatives for entrepreneurs. Events such as the Mobile Coffee Session constitute a great opportunity to meet fellow leaders in the mobile space and exchange best practices for mobile attribution and performance marketing — both of them still largely underutilized in the region.”
- Paul Malicki, Chief Marketing Officer, Easy Taxi


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