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May the CPA be ever in your favor

Jampp Team

December 29, 2015

May the CPA be ever in your favor

Every year we host an offsite event to celebrate our wins, and ready ourselves for the challenges ahead.

Last year we went to the jungle, jampp-style. This year we battled our wits, marketing skills and bouncebackability(?) in a different arena.

We are now twice as many as last year! 52 Jamppers coming together from all over the world. From Cape Town, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, nobody wanted to miss it. So there we were, a real melting pot of cultures and personalities: extroverts, introverts, linguists, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, musicians, and comedians, together for the very first edition of The Jampper Games.

This year’s arena was as huge as our goals, but Jamppers were not daunted as we embraced the summer heat head on. We (literally) hit the ground running with bubble football.

We’re always up for new challenges and this turned out to be a great exercise in picking yourself up after every fall.

At the Jampp Award Ceremony, we APPlauded our Jamppion of the world, and other team members whose work and initiatives really stood out this past year. Each award represented one of our core values.

We finished the day with our first ever JAMpp session, where our most musical jamppers showed off their talents.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of Jampp? We’re always looking for new talent that embodies our values.

  • We are all entrepreneurs
  • We love what we do
  • We delight in every interaction
  • No egos
  • We don’t rest on our laurels
  • We think big and plan long term
  • We are straightforward

Check out the jobs we’re hiring for here.

PS: Don’t miss the humorous amateur videos we created to show why we love working at Jampp, click here to see the best one!

So ready for 2016!

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