How iFood leveraged Jampp's data powered products to reduce CPA by 58%

Customized creatives meet customized bidding

Jampp Team

August 8, 2018

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

Sounds like pretty solid reasoning, right? So one could (mistakenly) think Food Apps have it easy. In reality, it is one of the most competitive verticals, a good UX and promos are not enough to keep users coming back. Focusing only on installs, or even first orders, is a sure way to burn marketing budget.

If you are not (re)targeting your users, you can bet someone else is.

About iFood

iFood is the number one food delivery app in Brazil, which is no small feat. Brazil is a market in and of itself; the country has a total of 5,570 municipalities, including over 200 cities with at least 100,000 residents, and an additional 1,409 cities that have a population of at least 10,000.

A couple of years ago they launched iFood in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, taking a bite of the Latin America delivery market (which is the 3rd largest in the world, behind China and the United States).

When we started working with iFood, they wanted to focus on growing first orders, but being the number one food delivery app in Brazil, they quickly realized the potential of boosting re-orders.

Creatives First

The key role of a robust creative strategy is often underestimated, even though we now have the technology to test more and learn faster than ever before. With dynamic creatives, every element inside the ads is a data point that can be tested and analyzed to better understand what resonates with users. iFood understood the importance of creatives early on, testing different formats and different versions of each creative type.

Test without Rest 🔄

Creatives Lab Preview
  • Keep it fresh: iFood leveraged Jampp’s Creatives Lab to update creatives every week, running multiple versions to A/B test the different design elements and glean key insights into what users responded to.
  • Keep it fun: iFood’s engaging video ads were a key format in driving quality traffic, at times representing up to 30% of the traffic.
  • Keep it relevant: We complemented iFood’s popular promos (like free delivery for certain restaurants, discounts on iFood’s birthday and drawings to receive free deliveries for a certain period of time) with hyper relevant Dynamic Product Ads, showing users the dishes they have already searched for, or better yet, added to their carts.
We consider Jampp to be a true partner in our retargeting efforts. Aside from their expertise and technology, they’ve offered full transparency from day 1. Their Creative Tools are definite favorites among our team, enabling us to multiply our a/b testing capabilities and insights with minimal effort. — Cristina Sider, Marketing Coordinator at iFood

Customizing creatives goes a long way in boosting mobile sales, to further reduce the CPA, we also customize the bids.

Customized Creatives Meet Customized Bidding

Not all users are worth the same. We wanted to understand who iFood’s top customers are and what they have in common from a behavioral and contextual point of view ( a few examples below).

Predictive Bidding makes comprehensive predictions based on purchase amount, iFood’s user activity patterns and contextual data to calculate the “retargeting value” of each individual user, in other words, we calculate the likelihood of a user placing an order as a result of seeing the ad to place an order:

  • Very Likely → High Value User
  • Likely
  • Less Likely → Low Value User

By asserting the value of each user, Jampp’s Predictive Bidding engine makes more cost-efficient CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) bidding decisions to maximize the chances of winning the media auction whilst minimizing CPA (Cost per Action / Order)

Want to learn more?

Read more about our Creatives Lab & Predictive Bidding or Schedule a Demo to see our Programmatic Marketing platform in action.

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