How our new core company values reflect Jampp’s evolution

In this article, we tell you about the story behind our company values and why we’re updating them now.

Jampp Founders

May 10, 2022

Ever since we founded Jampp in 2013, our values have been at the heart of everything that we do. These values are an expression of our DNA. They represent the principles guiding our efforts and helping us make the right decisions. When we hire and evaluate people, these values are the first measure of aptitude (Jampptitude?). If people pass the values bar, then we go on to figure out if they can code, manage, sell or whatever it is the position we are hiring for. 

Fast forward nine years, Jampp keeps growing on the basis of those shared company values—but we can always make it better. Keep reading to learn about the story behind our company values and why we’re updating them now.

A glimpse into our values journey

At first we had quite a long list of attitudes that we valued. They included always putting the customer first and being transparent, adapting to change, and being passionate about our work. This was our first approach, a “description” of the type of people we wanted on our side as we set out to grow our company.

One of the first versions of our values included in all key Jampp documents back in the early days

As we evolved, we realized it was time to turn this “list of attitudes'' into actual values that defined what made us truly Jamppers. We wanted these values to be descriptive of the culture we saw every day at Jampp more than aspirational. The exercise was to ask ourselves (and others) “how do people describe Jamppers?”

We ended up with six values that were a more accurate reflection of who we were as a company back then. Our passion and entrepreneurial spirit had gotten us to where we were, making sure we delighted customers, always thinking big and not settling for what we had accomplished.

These were our first official values (in 2015), we gave them out as stickers!

Why do company values matter?

  • They serve as a guide during our hiring process as we look for new people for our team. 
  • They’re also the attitudes and behaviors we reward through our Jampp Awards and on a daily basis in our #shoutouts Slack channel.
  • They’re highlighted in our Day 1 presentations to new Jamppers and throughout our onboarding process to set expectations for our way of working and team interactions.
  • They are also featured in company-wide meetings like All-Hands as the mindsets to deal with our challenges.

At the end of the day, our values shape the way in which we work as a team.

For each of our annual company-wide meetups, we choose one of our values as the theme of the event. The idea is to highlight the value that guides our team through the upcoming challenges and opportunities for the company.

So, why change them?

A lot has changed for us over the past year: we continued our transition to a remote-first company, with our team more globally distributed than ever; we also became part of the Affle group, we adapted our product to new ecosystem changes, and rolled out a brand new look & feel to better showcase our platform. In line with this, we wanted to make sure our values continued to represent the stage we’re in as a company and the Jampper spirit that we need as a team to thrive and move forward.

We decided that it was time to iterate and improve what we had. So, after a thorough revision process, we are very excited to share our new set of Jampp values. A lot of work went into every word and every detail of the new set – we really believe attention to these details matters.

Meet our new values

Our new values are a mix of who we are and who we aspire to be. They aim to pinpoint the principles that guide how we work, what our priorities are, and what makes us Jamppers.

We take ownership

We roll up our sleeves and step up. 

We think (and work) like entrepreneurs, own the challenge, and deliver results — never passing the buck.

This means that as Jamppers we:

  • Identify what needs to be resolved
  • Are responsible and accountable for our initiatives
  • Get things done

We focus on impact

As a team, we win only when we help our customers succeed.

We prioritize and measure our work based on the results we drive for our customers. We work every day to earn their trust and business.

This means that as Jamppers we:

  • Align on what matters
  • Solve our customers' needs
  • Measure the success of our initiatives

We (really) care

We inspire each other with our grit and optimism.

We are passionate about what we do: the problems we solve for our customers, the code we ship, and the team members we help succeed.

This means that as Jamppers we:

  • Are passionate and committed
  • Aim to excel at what we do
  • Care about details and are thorough

We can always make it better

We ask questions and challenge assumptions.

We’re never done pursuing the best version of ourselves. 

We don’t seek perfection; rather, we constantly strive to learn and improve our product and company.

This means that as Jamppers we:

  • Relentlessly want to improve 
  • Know that there’s always room to grow
  • Challenge ourselves to evolve and iterate

Wrapping up: what comes next for our values?

We believe that defining (and making explicit) core values is super important for any company whether it has just started or been around for many years. 

At Jampp we encourage every Jampper to think of them not just as words that are written on our website or internal docs but as behaviors that make up our day-to-day life and have an impact on the team and work culture that we’re building together. We hire, work, and promote based on our values. 

Work with us

We're always hiring! 😉 If you wish to work with a team that shares these values, check out our Open Positions to learn more about how you could make an impact at Jampp.

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