How to leverage Multiproduct Ads for your mobile app

Learn about the different strategies and elements you can test to create Multiproduct Ads that resonate with your users.

Nicolás Chiesa

March 9, 2023

What are Multiproduct Ads? 

Multiproduct Ads allow marketers to show different products in one single ad unit. These ads are connected directly to a product feed (a list of the products and services you’re looking to grow), which allows Jampp’s growth platform to automatically create ad variations for each item or service

The anatomy of multiproduct ads for mobile apps

Each product within a Multiproduct can be customized with its own picture, name/price, description, and a deep link leading to a specific in-app section. This makes Multiproduct Ads a great option for promoting the products that appeal the most to the users, encouraging them to go back to the app to complete a purchase, booking, registration, or any other app event.

Why should app marketers be testing Multiproduct Ads? 

Testing Multiproduct Ads is a must for any app marketer looking to showcase an extensive offering without the hassle of manually building creatives for each product or service.

  • Multiple products, one ad: promote your entire catalog by showing a selection of products in a unique ad unit, with no need for users to scroll or swipe to unveil new options. 
  • Automatically built and customizable: our Ads Builder leverages your brand assets and creative guidelines to build on-brand Multiproduct Ads that automatically adapt to every ad size. 
  • Show the most relevant products for each user: get users’ attention by featuring items they have previously interacted with (e.g. past purchases, items added to the shopping cart) and introduce other complementary products they might be also interested in. 
  • Designed to take users back to the app: each product within the ad has a unique deep link to take users to the most relevant in-app section or even straight to the shopping basket to complete their purchase.
At Jampp, we always recommend testing multiple ad formats to understand which combination works best for your app and users. We’re seeing great results for mobile businesses adding Multiproduct Ads to their creative strategy: on average, advertisers achieve 140% higher ROAS and 61% lower CPIs with Multiproduct Ads (vs single-product ads).

Best practices for testing Multiproduct Ads for your mobile app 

Creating the perfect ad for your users requires a solid creative strategy that allows you to identify which are the top-performing ad variations your audience interacts with the most. 

Here are some elements you test for optimizing your Multiproduct Ads:

#1 Copy: leverage the “Title” section to show prices, product/service names, and even unique selling points. This will help you understand whether your users favor the monetary or the emotional value of your product. 

Creative testing for multiproduct ads with copy variations

#2 Product selection: Multiproduct Ads give you the flexibility to test different sets of products, from a curated selection of your top sellers to the specific items your users have previously shown interest in. For mobile businesses introducing new products or services, we also recommend leveraging Multiproduct Ads to put a spotlight on the latest releases.   

#3 Design variables: the size of each element and the combination of colors can change the way users perceive or interact with your ad. Do your users interact the most with bright colors? Are they more likely to click on ads where your brand logo is more prominent? Multiproduct Ads allow you to test different colors and element proportions to identify the top-performing variations. 

creative testing for multiproduct ads for mobile apps

#4 Deep links: deep links are hyperlinks that direct users to the most relevant in-app screen, removing unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel. When testing deep links for Multiproduct Ads, we recommend leading users to:

  • The specific app screen for each promoted product
  • An app section related to the advertised products (e.g. discount page)
  • The checkout—if they have added items to the shopping cart but haven’t completed the purchase yet

#5 Highlight tag: placed next to your products, this tag can help you catch users’ eyeballs with special discounts or deals like free shipping. Alternatively, you can use this tag to label new arrivals or to leverage the FOMO effect (‘only today’, ‘only 10 left’).

highlight tag examples for multiproduct ads for mobile apps

Start running Multiproduct Ads today!

At Jampp, we can work with any creative strategy setup, whether you’re looking to create new ads from scratch or take your current assets to the next level. If you want to learn more about how Multiproduct Ads can help you drive more conversions, drop us a line to talk to one of our experts.

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