Introducing Jampp CTV: Drive measurable growth for your mobile app across screens

Jampp announces the launch of Jampp CTV, a new upgrade that expands the reach of programmatic mobile marketing to leverage the exciting world of CTV.

Jampp Team

July 20, 2023

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the rise of Connected TV (CTV) has redefined how consumers engage with content. 

As part of our mission to play a leading role in enabling the mobile app economy to grow, we are excited to provide advertisers with a new solution that combines the impact of CTV with the real-time transparency that programmatic advertising offers. That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of Jampp CTV—a solution where real-time data and cross-device targeting come together to help you reach new users for your mobile business across screens.

A gif illustrating how Jampp CTV can help drive conversions for your mobile app

What is Connected TV (CTV)?

Connected TV (CTV) refers to any TV set that has the capability to connect to the internet and stream content directly from online sources, as opposed to relying solely on traditional cable or satellite connections for broadcasting. It enables users to access a wide range of streaming services through Smart TVs, HDMI dongles (like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or Chromecast), or even game consoles connected to the TV.

Why now?

Recent reports indicate that CTV is currently one of the most popular and rapidly expanding channels in the app growth landscape.

Users spend most of their time on mobile & CTV

Mobile and CTV are the users’ favorite platforms. In fact, users in the US will spend almost 6 daily hours on mobile and CTV this year1. Promoting an app across both channels enables marketers to maximize their reach across multiple touchpoints within the user journey.

CTV is the new TV

CTV has won the battle against traditional TV. By 2024, CTV households will reach 115 M in the US, doubling the number of linear TV subscribers2—and as audiences shift to this channel, ad investment is following suit. On average, 45% of ad budgets are turning to CTV globally3.

About Jampp CTV

Powered by mediasmart technology —an Affle company which has been a pioneer in the field of CTV for over the last 3 years— Jampp CTV allows advertisers to track any app downloads and re-engagements associated with CTV campaigns to optimize towards the best cost per action in real time. This solution can be used both for CTV-to-mobile campaigns (when users download or engage with an app on a mobile device as a result of being exposed to a CTV ad) and CTV-to-CTV campaigns (when users download or engage with an app on their CTV device).

an illustrative image of a real-time dashboard with CTV to mobile performance metrics

How Jampp CTV works

Jampp CTV’s integration with leading MMPs means advertisers can effectively measure any attributions that occur after users are exposed to a CTV ad. Here is how it works:

How Jampp CTV-to-mobile works
How Jampp CTV-to-CTV works

Take your app campaigns to the next level with Jampp CTV

Jampp CTV’s real-time transparency and precise targeting capabilities make it a great match for programmatic advertising strategies, enabling advertisers to amplify their audience reach across a fast-growing channel. 

This new launch complements Jampp's proven leadership in running successful User Acquisition and App Retargeting campaigns on iOS (including SKAN & IDFA) and Android over the past several years.

If you want to learn more about how Jampp CTV can help you grow your mobile business, drop us a line to talk to one of our experts.


[1] "Connected TV viewing cuts into mobile’s dominance over US screen time", eMarketer
[2] "’CTV households will be more than double traditional pay TV ones by next year", eMarketer
[3] 2023 Annual Marketing Report, Nielsen

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