Jampp rated as the top mobile DSP for SKAN 4.0 readiness

With a SKAN 4.0 adoption of 78%, Jampp is one of the leading DSPs in Singular’s SKAdNetwork Adoption Dashboard.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

December 12, 2023

We’re proud to announce that Jampp was rated as the top DSP on SKAN 4.0 readiness on Singular’s SKAdNetwork Adoption Dashboard this November, with 78% of our customers fully embracing the latest version of Apple’s privacy framework.

Ever since SKAdNetwork was first announced, our team has been working relentlessly to adapt our technology to new privacy-focused initiatives, ensuring our customers have a smooth transition into the Privacy Era, and providing them with ongoing support to help them optimize their SKAN campaigns. 

For us, initiatives like SKAN represent the future of mobile marketing, and as such, the key to empowering app marketers to drive performance-based growth for their mobile businesses in the years to come. Our commitment to embracing this framework since day one has positioned us as a leading partner in SKAN performance, and being ranked as the #1 DSP for SKAN adoption further solidifies our standing as an industry leader in the fast-evolving privacy-first ecosystem.

Singular’s SKAN Adoption Dashboard serves as a powerful tool for app marketers to easily identify which players are SKAN-ready and effectively onboarding advertisers into the world of Apple’s ATT.

“Our SKAdNetwork Adoption Dashboard is designed to keep the mobile marketing community updated on SKAN adoption in real-time, enabling marketers to make informed, strategic decisions to successfully navigate the Privacy Era. We're happy to finally see the industry embracing the latest version of Apple’s framework, and we look forward to the entire industry joining on SKAN 4 soon.” —Susan Kuo, COO & Co-Founder at Singular.

Why your mobile app should be ready for SKAdNetwork 4.0

SKAdNetwork 4.0 brings multiple updates that enable marketers to optimize campaign performance by accessing more actionable insights.

  • Crowd anonymity: the new SKAN version relies on this system to determine the level of privacy assured to an app user based on the number of installs generated in a mobile marketing campaign. In other words, it’s Apple’s latest upgrade to their privacy threshold. 
  • New types of conversion values: SKAN 4.0 introduced coarse-grained values, a new type of conversion value that allows marketers to have at least some indication of campaign quality when there are not enough conversions to secure high levels of crowd anonymity.  
  • Multiple postbacks: the 4.0 version provides marketers with up to 3 postbacks, whereas previous versions only had one. Each of these postbacks is tied to a conversion window and a randomized timer, enabling marketers to receive more campaign data earlier on. 

It’s also worth highlighting that privacy-focused initiatives are here to stay. SKAdNetwork 5.0 is in the works, and there are other similar initiatives in the industry such as Google’s Privacy Sandbox. The sooner you start working with these frameworks, the faster you’ll start driving success in the Privacy Era.

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Start testing SKAdNetwork 4.0 with Jampp

As a leading mobile DSP for the Privacy Era, Jampp is helping ambitious mobile businesses grow—whether it’s with Apple’s SKAN, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, or any other privacy-focused initiatives. 

Don’t just take our word for it: we are ranked as a top 10 ROI media source on SKAN performance and continue to help some of the leading mobile apps across the globe drive successful SKAN campaigns. On average, we’re seeing at least  37% lower CPI rates in SKAN campaigns (vs IDFA-only campaigns).

We work with a flexible approach, providing support across any type of setup, whether you’ve tested SKAdNetwork before or just getting started. We’re empowering advertisers with the technology and strategies to thrive in the Privacy Era, hosting dedicated training sessions based on the unique challenges of our customers and taking their iOS campaigns to the next level.

Our team shares educational training sessions with key customers

Want to take your SKAN campaigns to the next level?

Drop us a line to talk to one of our experts or check out our Privacy Hub to learn more about the Privacy Era.

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