Jampp’s programmatic technology fuels Rappi’s new ad platform ✨

Click2Rappi will enable brands to run automatic marketing campaigns through Jampp’s programmatic platform.

Jampp Team

May 4, 2020

Brands can now access highly engaged mobile-first audiences and Jampp’s programmatic technology through RappiOne.

Rappi, Latin America’s “everything app”, first partnered with Jampp to help them grow their user base through User Acquisition and App Retargeting. We are now joining forces on a brand new project: Click2Rappi  👀.

Click2Rappi, one of RappiOne’s features, is the first self-serve platform that allows brands to advertise products within Rappi's massive last-mile delivery coverage. It's a real end-to-end solution that greatly reduces the users’ journey to purchase.

Rappi is the first app of its kind to launch an end-to-end advertising platform, and thanks to Jampp, it now offers access to programmatic inventory.

“We estimate that advertisers will invest over $500B in digital marketing by 2023, and we want to help them make sure that their investment is genuinely connecting their customers with relevant products and offers. Click2Rappi is the only solution in the market that allows brands without an app to actually direct their customers from ad to check-out” - Juan Carlos Pérez, Product Manager at RappiOne

Click2Rappi will enable brands to run automatic marketing campaigns through Jampp’s programmatic platform. Powered by Jampp’s DSP technology, advertisers can set up and easily control goals, budgets, audiences, and ads in real-time, accessing highly relevant mobile-first audiences at scale from top publishers worldwide.

By combining media advertising with last-mile technology, brands will be able to build a 360 marketing strategy that is fully connected to the product purchase, thus enabling ROAS measurement on a daily basis.

Success Metrics

  • Shorten Purchase Cycle: 20% of orders occur immediately, while the remaining 80% take place within 3 days of users’ interaction with our ads
  • Boosting Bulk Purchases: A Beverage company which sold mostly to individuals saw a significant increase in bulk sales through the RappiOne campaign
  • Instant Delivery: Products arrive at the users’ addresses 18 minutes after being ordered. This adds a great value for convenience products, leveraging users instant gratification

Moreover, by leveraging Click2Rappi, brands will be able to understand the purchase behavior of engaged users to further optimize their strategies.

“At Rappi, we pride ourselves in developing tech capabilities to improve our partners' performance in the digital ecosystem, which is why we are very selective when choosing partners for new features. We have been working with Jampp for a couple of years and have seen first-hand how advanced their programmatic platform is. This new integration is the result of our joint efforts to offer mobile-first audiences and programmatic technology at the service of our partners” - Juan Carlos Pérez, Product Manager at RappiOne

Click2Rappi campaigns leveraging Jampp’s DSP will bring in multiple benefits for Rappi partners who are looking to expand their reach including:

  • Massive reach outside Facebook & Google with access to around 20 Mobile RTB Exchanges
  • Access to highly engaged mobile-first audiences
  • Tailored templates to create mobile-first ads that showcase their products in a meaningful way, automatically adapted to different formats
  • Real-time campaign analysis and control
  • Efficient campaign optimization through lookalike and predictive audiences
“We value customers who are technically sophisticated and challenge us. Developing a deep integration like this with a company like Rappi positions Jampp as a true technological platform that advertisers can build upon. Our integration with Click2Rappi combines Rappi’s last-mile delivery power with the robustness and massive reach of our programmatic advertising technologies to deliver a completely new channel for brands to sell and position their products.” - Guido Crego, Head of Product

Wrapping Up

We are always looking to step up our technology and we are really excited about what this new integration means for brands looking to unlock new growth through programmatic advertising. Visit our website to learn more about Mobile User Acquisition and App Retargeting or get in touch to see a demo of our programmatic platform in action.

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