Meet the new Jampp brand

Today, we are launching a new brand identity and website. Jampp is a full-funnel programmatic platform to grow (any) ambitious mobile businesses (from apps to games).

Jampp Founders

July 13, 2021

Today, we are launching a new brand identity and website. 

We launched our last rebranding and website in 2018, which was our first full year as a 100% programmatic marketing platform. Our initial focus for our transition to programmatic was the mobile-first on-demand economy (companies like Uber and Lyft were our largest customers at that time) and our product was developed and grew around these innovative companies that were re-thinking transportation and food delivery.

But we always had bigger ambitions. 

Over time, we started helping many more verticals, from Gaming to Financial Services. Also, we launched our programmatic User Acquisition product and our technology grew enormously in size and sophistication (our machine learning models predict in real time the value and right creative for millions of ad impressions). 

So today our brand catches up with who we’re already building for — Jampp is a full-funnel programmatic platform to grow (any) ambitious mobile businesses (from apps to games).   

Special thanks to 8020, our Design partners for their help in this project, they understood rapidly what we needed but also executed it flawlessly. 

"We proposed a product-based aesthetic that showed off all their platform's capabilities and communicated Jampp to their customers as it is: a professional and innovative company with some of the most extraordinary talent out there. We used diagonals and layers to show the dynamic, iterative aspect of their product and combined illustrations with photography to communicate the technical aspects and their real world impact. We're thrilled with how everything turned out and are confident that Jampp will continue to grow and accumulate wins all over." - Sebastian Murillo, Client Partner at 8020

We’re proud of working with all the mobile companies that trust us and let us help them accelerate their business. We can’t wait to keep onboarding pioneering mobile companies to continue helping the app economy to grow as a whole.

Take our new website for a spin, and get in touch if you're ready to leverage our programmatic platform !

Martin & Diego 

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