Rappi’s journey to full transparency and control over their UA spend

Rappi, leading on-demand delivery app in Latin America unlocked programmatic advertising for full transparency & growth on App User Acquisition

Jampp Team

May 23, 2019

Rappi, leading on-demand delivery app in Latin America, unlocked programmatic advertising for full transparency & growth on User Acquisition and Retargeting

Rappi, which comes from the Spanish word for fast, has indeed seen a very rapid expansion, with their business growing by 20% each month last year.

The mega high growth, consumer tech startup recently announced a record shattering $1B investment from Softbank and is looking to be the everything store of Latin America. They are a marketplace that connects users who want to purchase prepared foods, groceries, clothes, and virtually anything with independent contractors who can fulfill those needs. Pioneers in the Latam region, they are already operating in Colombia, México, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay & Chile.

Now with over 20,000 couriers and 50,000 partnerships with different businesses, the three-year old start up is well armed to continue expanding.

Seeking maximum control over their growth investments, Rappi decided to progressively move away from blackbox channels and gain full visibility over their ad spend. Through their partnership with Jampp, they were able to unlock the potential of programmatic ads for both retargeting and user acquisition.

Ambitious Growth Goals

Each business defines growth a different way. Whether it’s new users, first purchases, repeat purchases or ROI, each company works with specific KPIs, in line with their growth strategy. Rappi is currently focusing on a very accelerated expansion in the Latin American Market. Beyond the number of acquired users, they seek to scale first orders. In order to ensure that their growth is consistent and sustainable, they closely monitor Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC, also known as CPA).

“Jampp has consistently impressed us with their product and their team. Their technology and expertise have made them a true partner for Rappi, as we continue to grow our business in different markets.“ - Gabriel Sampaio, Growth Lead Digital Channels at Rappi

Rappi Programmatic Growth Metrics

Find out how Rappi partnered with Jampp to unlock a scalable, transparent growth channel, hitting CPA targets on programmatic.

See Everything — What transparency means in Programmatic

One of the main drivers behind the switch to programmatic is the need for transparency.

  • Where is the ad shown?
  • When is the user seeing the ad?
  • Which users are seeing which ad?
  • How much does that impression cost?
  • Which impressions are driving the desired in-app actions?

Unlike behavioral data, gathered through the MMP SDK based on user behavior inside the app, contextual data points are gathered through Jampp’s DSP from the ad exchanges, based on the auctions seen, bid and won, along with data on each impression served.

In programmatic, these impression-level data points can be easily accessed by enabling View-Through Attribution (VTA) (in addition to Click-Through Attribution (CTA)).

These additional data signals add a wealth of knowledge to the bidding algorithms, helping them optimize not just bidding prices and strategies on unique auctions in real time, but also optimize ads for in-app conversions beyond just clicks and installs.

By accessing impression level data through programmatic ads, and measuring their impact with VTA, Rappi marketers can track and assess the full impact of each ad shown and every dollar spent.

How Rappi leveraged the Programmatic Tech stack

Through Jampp’s robust bidding intelligence, Rappi was able to assimilate the incremental value of impressions to acquire new users cost-efficiently and at scale. Additionally, they used Jampp’s creative technology to deliver timely and hyper relevant messages, helping users understand how the app easily solves day-to-day tasks.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic Product Ads are ideal for apps with such a diverse product offering as Rappi, as it allows marketers to effortlessly promote every item across all categories to relevant users based on their interests (i.e. ordering food, groceries, gifts, back to school items, etc). DPA allows marketers to both make their ads hyper relevant to users and ensure all product items are promoted. .

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Rappi’s team works fast. They know that to be the everything-store, they need to be top of mind at all times. One of the many strategies in play is to promote special offers around specific days and events, which requires fast turn around from the Rappi design team and agility from our DCO tool to create hundreds of ads in a short time.

Rappi User Acquisition Ads

Campaign Results

Rappi combined Jampp’s Acquisition and Retargeting technologies, scaling from 4.5M daily impressions to 22.6M, a 5x increase. It is worth noting that it was only when Rappi scaled exploration that they truly unlocked Jampp’s bidder potential. Rappi successfully grew their user base with x5.14 times more installers, scaling x2.50 first orders.

Furthermore, robust bidding and optimization technology meant this was achieved while also decreasing the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 15%, proving the growth with programmatic to be sustainable.

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