The creative minds behind data science at Jampp

In this new edition of Jampper Stories, our Data Science Lead dives into what it means to be a data scientist in the app marketing industry.

Macarena Canosa

April 4, 2024

Our Jampper Stories series is making a comeback! 🤩 In this edition, Maria Curetti, our exceptional Data Science Lead, delves into the world of data science within the app marketing industry, shedding light on the challenges her team encounters as Jampp continues to grow.

How do Data Science teams stand out from the crowd? What's the best way for a team lead to effectively support them?

From an outsider's perspective, a Data Science team might seem like any other group of collaborators ticking off tasks. In reality, a Data Science team is a hive of creative thinking and constant evaluation of multiple solutions for very complex challenges. Each team member brings their unique perspective to the table, and everyone makes an impact. This requires us to all be fully aligned at all times, both internally and with other teams at Jampp working on the same projects.

As the Data Science Lead, I always try to encourage the team to participate in projects that help them improve their technical skills. Data scientists are inherently curious and have a thirst for knowledge—they thrive in work environments where they can grow professionally by learning to tackle intricate challenges. Being a bit of a curious cat myself 🤔, I’m actively contributing and collaborating with the team to develop these initiatives, come up with new solutions, conduct in-depth analysis, and provide actionable insights.

Could you tell us a bit more about the challenges you and the Data Science team at Jampp face on an everyday basis?

Our main challenge is developing a variety of high-performing data models based on massive volumes of data (from bidding prices and campaign performance learnings to contextual and behavioral insights). These solutions must be flexible enough to adapt to user behavior patterns that are subject to change, allow us to constantly add or integrate new data and components, and cater to diverse use cases. 

We also need to make sure that campaign budgets are spent efficiently, hitting the unique goals of each of our customers. On top of that, we re-train these models every day to work with fresh insights at all times 🤯—and we’re always trying to find new and creative ways to leverage this data. 

I help coordinate the design of components and models, and even review the requirements to scale and improve the solutions we develop. Like we say at Jampp, we can always make it better: we’re constantly analyzing all the data inputs that could help us find new optimization opportunities.

That doesn’t sound easy 😂. What’s the key to working around those challenges?

Working in sync with other teams, supporting one another. We all share the same goal, and each team is in charge of tasks that are crucial for achieving those joint milestones. 

One of the teams we work very closely with is Product. The Product team at Jampp has very deep technical knowledge of how our platform works and how we’re different from other mobile DSPs, which helps us fully see the impact our projects have on our overall offering.

For my role specifically, success is tied to communication and openness to feedback. The team needs to work closely together to ensure that all the decisions we make are informed, aligned with priorities, and will ultimately lead to more robust, flexible, and efficient solutions. For that to happen, everyone needs to be on the same line as regards our goals and next steps.

What makes your role at Jampp a good fit for you? What keeps you excited to come to work every day?  

I strongly believe Jampp is at a point of technological maturity, with a very robust platform built and improved with the dedication of a multidisciplinary team over many years. Being part of such a professional team is one of the things that keeps me excited. We can overcome massive technical challenges with tight deadlines in a rapidly changing and highly competitive industry—and we do so while keeping our data clean and organized.  Without this commitment and work ethic, it would be impossible to offer a solution that meets the needs of our customers. 

As I mentioned before, we Data Scientists have a thirst for knowledge and solving complex challenges. The mobile marketing industry brings plenty of opportunities for those with curious minds. There’s a lot of competition, and the “rules of the game” change all the time—so the mission of developing systems that cover all the different aspects of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) makes the challenge more interesting and engaging.

The combination of all these factors allows me to fully leverage and fine-tune the technical and leadership skills I’ve been developing throughout my 8 years in Data Science.

What is your best experience with the Jampp team so far?

The Tech & Product offsite we had last November! We had people from the different offices and locations meet at the Buenos Aires HQ for dedicated training sessions and to keep aligned on our goals. It was a great opportunity to strengthen our bonds, discuss our ongoing initiatives, make big decisions on priorities, and update our roadmap.

Events like these remind us that we’re part of such a big (and talented 😉) team, it’s inspiring to see how everyone is so creative and passionate about every bug we fix, every process we optimize, and every challenge we meet.

Wrapping up

  • Random fact about yourself: I really love knitting (especially agurumis!)
Maria’s creative side goes way beyond data science 🧶
  • Favorite app: Webtoon, a great app for comic and manga enthusiasts.
  • Advice for somebody applying at Jampp: join us to challenge the status quo! 🙌
Maria and Jamppers from our Growth, Data Science, Product, and Talent Acquisition teams celebrating March birthdays at our co-work space in Córdoba, Argentina.

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