Top 10 Reasons to Jump-start your Career at Jampp

1. Jampp forward — Be part of the next big thing. As the industry evolves, you’ll be at the forefront to shape the direction, while…

Jampp Team

March 16, 2016

1. Jampp forward — Be part of the next big thing. As the industry evolves, you’ll be at the forefront to shape the direction, while learning about the hottest area of growth in Internet advertising ─ mobile! Jampp is one of the world’s leading app promotion companies, and rapidly expanding. Everything in our office beeps and buzzes. If you love mobile and technology, you’ll be right at home.

2. Turns out when you don’t realize what you can’t do, you can do some pretty cool stuff. Learn from true innovators, too smart and too stubborn to think it can’t be done. We are building the very foundations of one of the fastest growing industries, so get creative! The best ideas always win, regardless of your role, seniority or the origin of the idea. If your idea makes the most sense for Jampp, it’s the one we use.

3. Real responsibility: It’s up to you! You will have a great level of responsibility from day 1. We believe it’s the best way for you to develop your potential without any limitations. What you do contributes to the overall success of the company. We never say “that’s not my job.” We’re passionate about our work and take pride in the things we put our names on. It’s exciting to know that everyone we work alongside has a tremendous impact on our mission, and you see that everyday.

4. We can honestly say you will never be bored. There’s a lot and more to be done in every area of the business. It’s a dynamic industry and we are constantly trying new things. There’s a healthy and inexhaustible stream of tasks and challenges to be tackled. Challenges aren’t a source of stress, they are what drive us to be better, bolder, and faster. We don’t get carried away by previous victories as there will always be greater challenges ahead and new ways to improve. If our ambitions aren’t terrifying, we aren’t truly pushing ourselves.

5. Awesome atmosphere, surrounded by the world’s top talent. Everyone brings their A game. Our team is our greatest asset. This is no BS. We hire the best talent, people who are always looking to try and learn new things. We’re a melting pot of cultures and personalities. We comprise extroverts, introverts, linguists, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, musicians, comedians — there’s space for everyone. We are all pretty different, and it works.

6. No BS, we call it like we see it. We are straightforward. We strive for simplicity & transparency. We are passionate about performance and getting things done. We take our jobs seriously and work hard to develop awesome products.

7. You’ll always be energized. We have cookies, and coffee. Lots of Coffee. 
We are always stocked up on drinks and snacks. We have healthy stuff too. Whether you crave coffee, mate or green apples, we got you covered.

8. Swag— ask around, Jamppers have great style. From t-shirts to hoodies, and useful tsotchkes like screen wipes, and charger-cables. We make sure our team is never short on Jampp gear.

9. Cutting-edge technology with the Equipment of Your Choice. We are a technology company that lets you work with brand new Apple equipment of your choice. Our kickass proprietary platform combines Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology with Machine Learning and Big Data to drive engaged users to great apps. We use the latest technologies such as Amazon Lambda, Amazon dynamodb, Presto, Spark, Apache Hive, and Hadoop, and leverage different tools and languages to manage the complex, ever-growing amount of data we need, to offer the best possible service to our clients.
10. Global and growing fast — We now have offices in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, London, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo. Last year alone we grew our team from 32 jamppers to 55, and we secured a $7M Series A to scale our solution to clients around the globe.

We are highly motivated and have a strong bias towards action, innovation and teamwork. If you are smart, humble, and naturally curious, we’d love to meet you. Think you could earn a place here? [Hit us with your best shot; we’re always listening.] (

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