Top mobile ad exchanges share insights into SKAN and more!

Learn about key trends in programmatic supply straight from the top SSPs in the mobile marketing industry.

Jampp Team

November 2, 2021

As a 100% programmatic DSP, Jampp works along the top mobile ad exchanges in our industry.

We strongly believe programmatic advertising is the best channel for apps looking to scale efficiently and with transparency.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been doing Q&As with our supply partners to share some insights into programmatic app marketing. In this post, we’ve collected every episode and some key highlights from each one.

Jampp’s Mobile Ad Supply Takeover series - so far

So what did we ask our partners about?

  • What are the key differentiators between ad exchanges?
  • How do ad exchanges choose which publishers and DSPs to work with?
  • What ad formats perform better?
  • What is header bidding and how does it affect programmatic marketing campaigns?
  • What types of mobile ad fraud are the most common in programmatic and how do ad exchanges fight them?
  • Best practices and insights for in-app monetization
  • And of course… How are ad exchanges working with their publishers to implement Apple’s ATT framework and ensure the success of SKAN campaigns?

Get to know the top mobile ad exchanges

Supply Takeover #1

The rise of header bidding and other programmatic trends to watch 👀 

In our first Q&A, we got technical with BidMachine and looked into header bidding adoption, supply path optimization, bid shading, and more. 

Supply Takeover #2

PubNative talks about the initiatives promoting programmatic transparency

With a strong focus on privacy and transparency, PubNative talked about GDPR, CCPA, and minimizing the risks of ad fraud in programmatic. They also shared some high-level insights regarding inventory trends across different geos.

Supply Takeover #3

MoPub on ensuring supply quality in programmatic advertising

As one of the first partners to implement header bidding, MoPub talked about the why behind this model and what it means for publishers and DSPs. They also shared their strategies for preventing mobile ad fraud and their views on app-ads.txt and sellers.json.

Supply Takeover #4

Predicting the future of mobile programmatic with Smaato

In this Q&A, Smaato shared practical advice for advertisers starting to run programmatic marketing campaigns and some insights regarding which verticals were incorporating programmatic to their marketing efforts more proactively. They also detailed some of the strategies they implement to create a safe environment for both publishers and demand partners.

Supply Takeover #5

Chartboost on the rising adoption of in-app bidding 

Read this one to learn more about the common types of ad fraud in programmatic (and how to safeguard campaigns against them); insights on the adoption of in-app bidding, and the benefits of Chartboost’s Helium feature.

Supply Takeover #6

The future of in-app bidding adoption amidst post-IDFA changes 

From a general view on the benefits of programmatic advertising for mobile apps to the growth of video ads and the rollout of specific features Fyber developed, this post is a good example of how top ad exchanges prepare for the future. 

Supply Takeover #7

ironSource on creative strategy & monetization for games

Special edition for gaming apps: in this post ironSource sheds some light on the changes they saw in the Gaming market in 2020 in terms of in-app monetization. ironSource also shares practical advice for gaming apps running programmatic marketing.

Supply Takeover #8

Unity’s take on mobile gaming opportunities after COVID-19 and iOS 14

In our latest Q&A, Unity dove into do’s and don’ts for in-app monetization as regards retention with some straightforward tips from their ebook “How to build an in-game economy”. And since today we can’t say app marketing without mentioning ATT, they also commented on how they’re helping developers and publishers adapt to the new ATT framework. 

Wrapping Up 

At Jampp, we are proud to have developed technology to deliver global scale. We help ambitious mobile apps reach every corner of the app ecosystem. Through Jampp’s programmatic platform, advertisers can tap into data from over +120B ad requests and +800M mobile users each day to ensure they get their ads in front of the right mobile users.

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