Why we decided to open a new office

Jampp recently unveiled a new space for team collaboration in Buenos Aires.

Eloisa Mendez Lynch

January 30, 2024

Jampp has officially opened a brand-new office space in Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 as part of a strategic move to enhance team collaboration, productivity, and overall work experience for our growing global team.

In this post, we tell you everything about our new workspace, including:

  • Why we decided to open a new office in Buenos Aires
  • What was the process behind finding the right workspace for our team 
  • How we managed to get the team involved in and excited about this decision

Let’s get started!

The Jampp team together at the new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why open a new office now?

Though we became a remote-first company in 2020, we’d spent the previous 7 years working together in person, so we fully understood the benefits of having a space where our team could share workdays and events, and foster stronger team bonds.  

Back in 2021, we became part of a co-working hub network. This allowed Jamppers to choose and alternate between a variety of co-work spaces across the city of Buenos Aires. We soon noticed that in-person meetings, co-work days, and international visits from customers, partners, and other Jamppers were becoming more frequent and realized we needed a dedicated space that felt uniquely ours.

The team spends time together with partners and team members at cowork spaces
Our team meeting fellow Jamppers and industry partners at co-work spaces.

This decision was also influenced by the fact that our team has been growing steadily, with 55 new Jamppers joining in 2023 alone—and we expect this trend to continue in 2024 😉. As our team kept expanding, we decided to have a new central hub, not only for our growing local team but also for traveling Jamppers, partners, and customers visiting our HQ.

The journey to finding the perfect workspace

1️⃣Identifying team needs

We started by carefully considering the requirements of our team, from the ideal location to the facilities that would best fit our everyday needs. For example, did the team need a large common space, multiple meeting rooms and private booths for calls, or a combination of both?  

Being remote first, we knew we had to search for a space that was ready to receive teams with different types of needs: larger teams with regular syncs that prefer working together in a common space, Jamppers who usually have remote meetings and therefore require private booths, teams who start working earlier to match other international timezones, Jamppers who enjoy going to an office every day, Jamppers who prefer to attend only a couple of times per week. Our goal was to secure a space that offered this level of flexibility.

2️⃣Getting Jamppers’ feedback 

Jamppers’ feedback was fundamental to finding the right location. After narrowing down potential spaces, we reached out to our team with a survey to better understand their thoughts. For each space, we asked questions such as: 

  • Does this location work for you?
  • How often would you go to this office space?
  • What do you like the most about this working space?
  • Is there anything you don’t like about this option? 
  • How would you rate this option on a scale of 1-5?
  • Do you have any other feedback you would like to share?

After incorporating Jamppers' input, two options were ruled out, leading us to the final selection—the choice that best resonated with our team.

3️⃣Adapting our new space to our needs

The journey didn't end with the office selection. We then underwent renovations to tailor the space to our unique needs. This involved creating a more extensive joint common area, private booths, and additional meeting rooms.

An overview of our working space

4️⃣ Making it feel like home

In keeping with the Jampp vibes, we decorated the office with memorabilia from past events, personal touches like team photos, and, of course, distinctive Jampp branding.

5️⃣ Inviting our team to the opening 

To celebrate this milestone, we welcomed the team to our new home. This gathering provided the perfect opportunity for all Jamppers to explore our new space, connect with colleagues, and build new memories in our shared environment. We even hosted a trivia game to remember some facts about our past offices and Jampp’s current business and products 🏆!

Jamppers visit our new office for the first time!

Wrapping up

We're incredibly proud of our new office and the collaborative spirit it represents. As our team continues to grow, we look forward to keep meeting and working together at our new hub, welcoming Jamppers who visit Argentina, and meeting with our customers and partners. 

… and if you want to be part of this amazing team, let’s work together! We're always hiring! 😉 Check out our Open Positions to learn more about how you could make an impact at Jampp.

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