4 initiatives to nurture your company culture like Jampp

Learn about the initiatives that are helping us build the perfect team of mobile marketing experts.

Jampp Team

November 2, 2022

At Jampp, we’re making programmatic advertising easy for the most ambitious mobile businesses across the globe. As the mobile industry is constantly redefining what campaign success looks like, this is a challenging mission that requires the perfect team of experts. 

In this article, we dive into some of the initiatives that are helping us develop our team and culture, keeping Jamppers connected and working towards the same mission: 

1️⃣Defining your company values

2️⃣Turning your hiring process into a team effort

3️⃣Creating a comprehensive onboarding process

4️⃣Hosting amazing in-person and virtual company events

#1 Define your company values

What are company values or core values?

Company values shape the way in which we work as a team. This is why they play such a key role, not only in our hiring process, but also in how we work, give feedback, let go, and promote Jamppers. We encourage Jamppers to think of our values not just as words that are written on our website but rather as the behaviors and attitudes that make up our day-to-day life.

Why are company values so important?

Skills can be learned, but values shape the way in which your company works as a team. Our core values guide our hiring process, they represent the attitudes we reward through our Jampp Awards, and they help us set the right goals to keep growing as a company.

Should you stick to the same company values forever?

Company values aren’t static, and when a company evolves, its company values should reflect that evolution

2021 was a momentous year for Jampp, we became part of the Affle group, and we rolled out a new look and feel for our brand. After all these changes, we wanted to make sure our values continue to represent the stage we’re in as a company today, so we decided to iterate our values.

Jampp core company values
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#2 Turn your hiring process into a team effort

Once you have company values that define the types of attitudes you value in your team, it’s time to find the right candidates. 

At Jampp, we’re always hiring, but we don’t just hire anyone—we put a lot of effort into understanding whether a candidate is the right person for the role

Here are 5 tips to improve your interview process:

1️⃣Make team members part of the process: it’s not only about having managers join at every stage of the hiring process, it’s also about involving all team members—whether it’s helping to create the perfect job description, find potential candidates, review applications, or give feedback. 

2️⃣Train your interviewers: at Jampp, every team member that participates in the hiring process is previously trained in our Interviewer Certification Program to make sure to deliver the best experience for candidates. 

3️⃣Be transparent: maintain an open and thorough communication with every candidate (in return, we expect them to do the same!). We strive to keep everyone updated on their progress and answer any questions about next steps, internal dynamics, overall feedback, and more. 

4️⃣Don’t make unilateral decisions: when it comes to making a decision, not everyone might share the same opinion, but every voice matters: make sure to consider the point of view of all the different people involved in the hiring process. 

5️⃣Always remember your company values: expertise might be important, but the right attitude ultimately wins over the perfect skills. Stick to your company values to understand which candidate has the qualities that will make them a great match for the company.

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#3 Help new hires join your company with the right onboarding

Onboarding processes have evolved over the past few years, with many companies transitioning to remote or hybrid working models. Every onboarding process should be designed to help new hires become true members of the team. While everybody loves a welcome kit with cool company swag, there’s a lot more that companies can do to make newcomers understand how each team contributes to company goals. 

How can you improve your onboarding process?

  • Introduce newcomers to your existing team: at Jampp, we do this through a custom Welcome Email, where we share a bit of what we’ve learned about the new Jampper throughout the hiring process. This email usually combines some details about their professional skills or past experience and their hobbies, interests, and random facts. 
Our Welcome Emails always feature a custom-made GIF!

  • Assign a work buddy for the first weeks: most people are likely to get at least a little bit nervous on their first day at work; after all, there are a lot of new faces, names, and a lot of new information about the company. That’s why new Jamppers get a Jampp buddy on day 1, someone who will accompany and support the new Jampper through their first weeks at the company, someone they can lean on and ask questions to. 
  • Break the ice with… coffee?: a good way to get new hires to meet other people from other teams within the company is to organize casual meetups. In our welcome coffees, hires have a laid-back chat with other Jamppers about life at Jampp—while enjoying a sweet treat we send to their homes! 
  • Get experts to train future experts: in our 101 Training Sessions, each team lead takes the time to sit down with new Jamppers and talk about their role, how their team works, and what their goals are. These sessions cover everything from what Jampp does to more complex topics like our product, technology, and messaging
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#4 Get the team together: host the right events at the right time

At Jampp, our teams are distributed across different regions, from the Americas to Spain, Singapore, and even South Africa. While we are remote-first and we’ve always made an effort for distributed teams to meet, we usually rely on a mix of both virtual and in-person events to keep our entire team connected

What type of events do you usually host at Jampp?

  • Casual get-togethers: “informal” events organized per team and/or location. 
Team pictures from Jamppers in Singapore, the US, and Argentina.
  • Team events: whether virtually or in person, all Jamppers gather for a friendly competition, lots of fun, and cool swag 😎.
Some pictures from our 2021 end of year event called Jampp City
  • Virtual coffee breaks: virtual calls between groups of randomly paired Jamppers from all over the world.
Screenshots taken by Jamppers on virtual coffee breaks

You can read more about how we define the frequency and types of events here 😉.

Learn more about life at Jampp!

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