4 posts about the ATT prompt that might actually help your team

ATT, iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork… there is soo much content, and a lot of it doesn’t actually say much. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of articles (and the main takeaways from each one) to help cut through the clutter.

María Victoria López Iraola

May 4, 2021

Tartlets, tartlets, tartlets… the word has lost all meaning. The reference is a little retro, but I can identify. ATT, iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork…there is soo much content, and a lot of it doesn’t actually say much. In this post, we’re sharing a collection of articles (and the main takeaways from each one) to help cut through the clutter.

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt lessons, here we go:

#1 How top 100 grossing games show ATT prompt

Source: Božo Jankovic, Business Development Manager at GameBiz Consulting

This post recaps 10 insights from looking into ATT implementation across the top 100 grossing games in the US. In our humble opinion, insight #9 takes the cake with a list of 7 types of benefits/explanations that developers used in their ATT prompts for users:

1. Functional benefits: these include specific features such as saving game progress, playing across multiple devices, etc.

2. Social benefits: such as the use of tracking for finding and connecting with other players, as well as showing off in-game progress on social.

3. Ad relevance: pretty self-explanatory, these messages state tracking is necessary to show relevant ads. P.S. this is what Facebook is doing (see our 2nd highlighted article for more info).

4. Extra Value Prop: think discounts and content customizations—TBH this one might sound tempting but scroll down to our 4th highlighted post and you’ll see why all that glitters isn’t gold.

5. FOMO: “If disabled, you will miss out on x.”

6. Half-truth: the way the post describes this one is that the app gives one reason as if it were the only one: “Examples: #1 only to know how you found out about our game, #2 only to connect with your account in order to prevent you from losing access to your account” — while it makes sense to avoid overwhelming the user and the editable copy is short… the whole point of this is transparency, right?

7. Flexibility: the “try now, change later” approach reminds users that he/she can change their mind at any point in the future

Definitely take a look at the post for more examples and key differences in implementation between casual and core games.

#2 Rotten fruit in a lush garden: the ATT article you won’t read anywhere else

Source: App Growth Summit

The article suggests NOT triggering the ATT prompt right away (spoiler alert, sorry!) Using Facebook’s ATT prompt as an example, the post recommends developing an actual strategy around the prompt rather than just chucking it at the user right away.

Props for actually including two handy resources:

#3 Apple to bar apps that offer users incentives for enabling app tracking

Source: Mobile Marketing Reads

This post shares some extracts of “Accessing User Data”, the new section of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines that advertisers shouldn’t ignore. Long story short? Bribery will get you nowhere. Offering monetary incentives, drawing visual cues, or using misleading and confusing wording as “allow”, could result in your app being banned and rejected.

#4 Opt-In Design Do’s & Don’ts for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on iOS 14

Source: Adjust

Looking for more learnings on ATT implementation? In this article, Adjust compiled what design decisions should be consciously avoided (dark patterns that could result in App Store rejection) and which common trends and variables should be taken into account to have more favorable ATT consent rates.

TMI? Ok, breathe 🕉️

To end on a positive note, we’re bringing up AppsFlyer’s findings suggesting that ATT opt-in rates are much higher than anticipated—at least 39% [updated]. Very few users were expected to opt-in to ‘tracking’, but this report states that at least 39% of overall total users and 26% of average users per app are giving their consent. Find out what opt-in rates look like in the real post IDFA world!

ATT & SKAdNetwork next steps…

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PS: We want this list to actually be useful, so… is there any article you found particularly helpful? Let us know!

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