5 updates to consider when shifting to SKAdNetwork 4.0

A list of the potential adjustments app marketers will need to make when transitioning to SKAdNetwork 4.0.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

January 5, 2023

SKAdNetwork 4.0 is here, now what?

The latest SKAN version brought changes like new types of conversion values, a new set of randomized timers, and more… but what should app marketers do to make the most of the new Apple framework?

Here’s the checklist your growth team is looking for 👇

The 5 top updates app marketers should consider when shifting to SKAdNetwork 4.0

The main thing you should take into account as you transition to SKAN 4.0 is that in this version there are fields and parameters that didn’t exist before, features that have changed completely, and parameters that have been deprecated altogether. For that reason, app marketers will need to work together with their MMP partners to rethink their overall conversion value strategy.

1️⃣ Updates in conversion value type method: updatePostbackConversionValue has been deprecated, make sure to use updatePostbackConversionValue(_:coarseValue:lockWindow:completionHandler:) instead.

2️⃣ New fields for new types of conversion values: SKAdNetwork 4.0 postbacks now have new fields for parsing coarse-conversion values, which didn’t exist in previous SKAN versions. 

Coarse-grained values can be “low”, “medium” or “high”, according to the type of event completed by the user. App marketers mapping these values correctly will get at least some indication of campaign quality that wasn’t available in previous SKAN versions.

3️⃣ Changes in how conversion values work: conversion values can now increase or decrease from one conversion window to another. In previous SKAN versions, where there was only one postback, the conversion value would be updated every time the user interacted with the ad within a 24-hour window, and could only increase. This new update gives marketers more flexibility to track post-install activity across longer measurement windows and further understand how users are interacting with the app.

4️⃣ More available postbacks: instead of having only one postback, in SKAN 4.0 you can receive up to three postbacks across three different conversion windows.
This update brings further opportunities for marketers to optimize their campaigns by identifying what conversion values to send and at what specific time—and more importantly, whether they will be replicating the same strategy across all windows or running different tests for each time period. 

5️⃣ New Lock Window parameter: this new addition can help you receive postbacks before a conversion window ends, therefore getting campaign data earlier. Note that the lockWindow parameter can be applied to any or all conversion windows after receiving a locked conversion value, and that the system will stop registering any further conversion value updates for the remaining time of that conversion window.

Leverage the full potential of SKAN 4.0

The industry is already switching to the latest SKAdNetwork version, so make sure your iOS strategy stays relevant. Taking these updates into account is just the first step: you’ll also need to work in tandem with your MMP and DSP partners to test new strategies and optimize your campaign results

If you want to know how Jampp can help you take your iOS campaign to the next level, drop us a line to talk to one of our sales reps and see our growth platform in action.

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