Beat hails Jampp to outperform user growth on key Latam markets

Beat, a major hailing app establishing new business in Latam, partners with Jampp to further boost app installs and overall engagement.

Jampp Team

October 17, 2019

Beat, a major ride-hailing app expanding in Latin America, partnered with Jampp to further boost app installs and overall engagement.

Beat is the up & coming player in on-demand ride-hailing apps across Latin America. Founded in Greece in 2011, Beat was acquired by FreeNow (a joint venture between BMW and Daimler Financial Services) back in 2017 and soon expanded overseas, starting with Peru, and currently reaching Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

A Brave New World

It’s no surprise that Latin America is growing on all things mobile. With smartphone internet users in the region currently surpassing 310 million¹, and user acquisition ad spending expected to hit $8.5 billion by 2020², the race for these new markets is on. Especially for highly competitive verticals like food-delivery and ride-sharing.

The demand is real, but so is the competition. Latin America is the second-fastest-growing mobile market. Moreover, app users in this region are reportedly more likely to use ride-hailing apps than Europeans because of personal safety. It is also considered a more efficient option in cities with high traffic restrictions.

Over the past years, large players have been setting foot in the region. When it comes to users’ preferences when choosing an app, extreme competition has a direct impact on customer loyalty and increases the need to quickly adapt and respond to market indicators.

So how can fast-moving companies like Beat secure quick growth at a competitive rate while maintaining an effective user experience? This post highlights some of the strategies Beat employed to achieve 17x more events at a 5x lower Cost Per Action (CPA).

Challenging Goals for Challenging Markets

Beat partnered with Jampp to conquer new users and activate its pre-existing customer base in Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

“We leveraged Jampp’s platform for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting to ensure we were engaging our customers along the entire user journey. Jampp brought quality and volume through its always-advancing platform and data-driven logic. This has been the perfect combination to support us in reaching our main goal, constant and healthy growth.” — Athina Sofou, Digital Media Specialist

But enough back story! Let’s get granular on how Beat drove unparalleled growth to move forward on new Latin American markets.

Deep-Dive into Campaign Development

#1 Finding the perfect customer

Beat understood the benefits of programmatic early on, leveraging Jampp’s targeting capabilities to maximize scale across highly engaging users. Our platform analyzed multiple behavioral and contextual data points to assess the value of each user, identifying how much to bid for each player, and which ads should be used to engage them.

#2 Crafting the best-performing creative

Impression-level data was key in Beat’s creative testing, allowing the company to quickly understand which ads resonated better with their audience.

As a proactive and innovative company, they’re always looking to find new and better ways to engage with their users. Testing holiday-themed ads, new formats, and diverse messaging options helped optimize the campaign to efficiently engage both drivers and riders.

#3 Measuring campaign success

Finally, Jampp’s new feature, Always-on Lift Measurement, allowed Beat to identify and measure incremental performance in real-time throughout the campaign.

Our methodology works on a standard A/B scientific testing with treatment and control groups, but offers some key differentiators: control groups are built with ghost bids and synthetic impressions. This means that we identified Beat users who would have been exposed without actually delivering ads across the control group.

Campaign Results

  • Beat saw a 17x increase in the total amount of events using Jampp across its new market in Colombia, with Event Conversion Rate (ECR) rising from 0.35% to 1.35%.
  • In Mexico, Beat grew its Driver’s (supply-side) user base and reached a CPA 5x lower than the original CPA after one month of an ongoing strategy.
  • Jampp’s new Always-on Lift Measurement feature threw light on campaign incremental performance, where the company saw an +80% lift in Peru, the saturated market, and a peak at +60% in Mexico.

Wrapping Up

Beat combined Jampp’s Acquisition and Retargeting technologies to impact 9 cities across 4 countries, while successfully engaging both drivers and riders.

To tackle new market challenges, Beat leveraged Jampp’s Lookalike Audiences to find the highest-converting users, and incorporated Always-on Lift Measurement as an effective tool to keep track of campaign success. Beat’s commitment to future-focused mobility and Jampp’s growth engine worked as great partners in acing campaign goals.

Want to Learn More?

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