Dynamic Ads Builder  — ad design will never again be a bottleneck in your app marketing efforts

Your ads are the first part of your users’ journey, so delivering a good UX includes finding the most engaging creative content for each.

Guido Crego

April 25, 2017

Your ads are the first part of your users’ journey when discovering your app, so delivering a good user experience includes finding the most appealing (and engaging) creative content for each of them.

Some ads resonate with people more than others and oftentimes figuring out the right mix of image, copy, colors and call to action can be an elusive goal for marketers. Designing and testing as many variations as possible should be the norm but the process is often limited to just a few options per set (and sometimes there’s a lot of sets - think different countries/products/special dates) as design resources are usually hard to come by. The result is often a compromise… “less ad variations but at least we get as many as humanly possible out on time”.

Now… how about we remove the humanly from the possible? 🤖

Our team is constantly looking at the different phases of launching and managing app ad campaigns and finding opportunities to make some of those phases more efficient with technology. The ad creation and testing phase is an obvious place to introduce some disruption. While the large platforms like Facebook and Google normally have some sort of creative design tool to make the process easier, there is no such thing available for all remaining mobile ad inventory.

Enter Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder

65% higher CTR, 95% less effort

Instead of designing mobile ads from scratch, key attributes such as logo, CTA and copy are seamlessly combined and recombined to generate multiple ad sets in a matter of seconds.

By simplifying the creative process, our Dynamic Ads Builder unlocks a number of key benefits for advertisers, making it possible to:

  • Access more inventory by using every Creative Size (including Native and Video) to drive as many conversions as possible
  • A/B test quicker (and generate insights) to help drive creative performance
  • Test advanced creative formats such as Carousel Ads, that are designed to maximize viewability and engagement.

In a test performed across 1 billion ad impressions, ads built using the Dynamic Ads Builder boosted click-through rate by up to 65% by allowing us to automatically optimize the right creative for the right user.

How it works: Click, drag, drop, done.

It is really as efficient as it sounds.

  1. Your brand assets and images are uploaded to the Dynamic Ads Builder’s templates
  2. Images are automatically adjusted to each format
  3. Done. Designs are live. Tonight, instead of stressing over ad sizes, you’ll be streaming your favorite show on Netflix

Ride a new opportunity: Carousel Ads

Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder supports a variety of different sizes and formats, both static and dynamic, and receives constant updates based on our data insights as well as industry trends.

Shortly, we’re adding Carousel Ads so you can retarget your most likely customers with multiple product images, or use storytelling creative strategies to target new users.

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