How 5 years at Jampp will change your career

Tatiana Kramarz shares what it’s like working in the Revenue Operations team as a Regional Leader for LATAM and EMEA.

Jampp Team

February 14, 2020

In this edition of Jampper Stories, Tatiana Kramarz shares what it’s like working in the Revenue Operations team as a Regional Leader for LATAM and EMEA. If you want to know more about her journey at Jampp and how her role evolved since she joined the company 5 years ago, read on 👀.

Tell us a little about your prior experience before joining Jampp

I studied Business Administration and started working in a company that develops Software for Information Security, so you could say I’ve always been a part of the “tech world”. However, as I was researching potential topics for my dissertation, I discovered marketing as an industry and decided it was something I wanted to explore further. That’s why after I graduated, I looked for marketing roles, found a rapidly growing startup called Jampp, and decided to apply. Fast-forward ⏩ 5 years and here I am!

What was your first day at Jampp like?

It was July of 2014 and we were still in our old office. One of the Account Managers from the team (she still works at Jampp too! 👭) showed me around the office and introduced me to other jamppers. The first few weeks were a bit hectic but altogether really insightful. Back then, the onboarding was a lot more informal…Fortunately now we have a thorough 8-week training program, where the new hire learns about the “Jampp way” of doing things: from our platform, technology and industry knowledge, to our communication style and culture.

Tatiana with Pamela, Julia, and Rocío enjoying the beach at Jampp Camp 2018.

Can you do a brief recap of your journey at Jampp so far?

My role at Jampp has changed a lot since I joined the company five years ago: I started as an Account Manager and was directly responsible for the management and optimization of 7-8 customers, mainly User Acquisition campaigns. When we launched our Retargeting product, we had to learn everything from campaign set-up to best practices practically from scratch 🤓.

What I valued the most was that right from the beginning I felt a sense of ownership about my daily tasks as an Account Manager which included reports, optimizations, presentations, and calls with customers.”

With time, and as the team grew, I started hiring and coaching junior team members about our technology and the industry. Nowadays, I am a Regional Leader for LATAM and EMEA.

The Revenue Team at their latest offsite in Colonia, Uruguay.

What does a “Revenue Operations Regional Leader” do at Jampp?

In my role, I oversee LATAM and EMEA overall numbers and stats. I also train the team to make sure we leverage our technology in the best possible way to deliver customers’ expected results.

Luckily, the role is pretty dynamic, but there are some things I do regularly to better support the AMs in my team. While they are the ones who actually manage the campaigns, I oversee all the accounts in the region to stay up to date and help identify issues or opportunities.

A big part of the day consists in collaborating with other teams: whether it’s speaking with Sales about specific prospects and our pipeline, with Product to understand how to implement new features in our campaigns, or with my team to review specific accounts.

But collaboration comes in many forms: it also means that I travel to our offices in Berlin and São Paulo to work more closely with our local teams and customers. We also coordinate for those teams to travel to HQ. We're well versed in the art of hangout calls and emails, but being able to travel really helps us to stay connected and aligned.

Tatiana monitoring performance.

What challenges do you face in this role?

“While we are no longer a startup, we are a fast growing tech company in a very dynamic industry: we have new features, new customers, different verticals, and we constantly have to make sure we are up to date with everything.”

We handle 100%-programmatic traffic because this allows us to be transparent with our customers, but there’s still a huge knowledge gap in the industry about the topic. At Jampp, we do our best to tackle this challenge by educating prospects and customers alike on the benefits of programmatic and the features that we offer. For example, they can easily gain insights about the incremental revenue of their campaigns (both User Acquisition and Retargeting) by implementing lift measurement.

Working with Beta Customers is always exciting, but it can also be challenging. It allows us to test new features and catch bugs ahead of deployment, but it also means that we have to be extra vigilant to monitor how the campaign reacts. It can be a challenge, but having a transparent relationship with our customers makes it easier.

What made Jampp the right fit for you?

New things are always happening and this motivates me to stay focused and keep learning 🤓. I also identify with Jampp’s values since they are 110% present in everything we do here. One of my favorites is “Delight in every interaction”: whether it’s sending an email (internal or external) or having the best attitude when asked for help.

I think another value which plays a key role in building a successful team is “No egos: the best idea always wins”. It encourages everyone to participate and propose solutions, but to also really make a case for those ideas, knowing that you’ll actually be heard even if you are a brand new jampper!

Moving day to the new office (2016).

Why do you consider we’re different as a place to work?

“Jampp has unique people⁠—hard workers, curious minds ready to drive forward anything that we propose, and always eager to help.”

For example, when we moved from the previous office to the current one we turned the move into a “Jampp Event”, to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit⁠—“we never say that’s not my job”⁠—but also to make sure everyone felt like they were a part of it 🙌.

What do you look for when hiring for your team?

We look for people who feel super comfortable working with numbers: Excel whizzes who enjoy interpreting data to identify insights and turning those insights into action plans.

Being curious and proactive is also a plus: from reading and investigating about our industry to testing new things. A pinch of “sales attitude” is also needed, as well as the ability to continue despite getting frustrated. Teamwork is a must 🌟.

These qualities are super nurtured in the startup stage, and I think one of the challenges is to make sure that we keep that up as we continue expanding the team.

Are you currently hiring for your team?

Absolutely, we are always hiring! 😉

Wrapping up…

  • Random fact about yourself:
  1. I study astrology ♐
  2. I hate having unread emails 📩
  • Working for a tech company is likekind of like being a toddler who’s learning to walk, you fall a lot and you get up a lot, but you’re always moving forward.

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