How CTV can help you grow your mobile app

Learn why mobile marketers are choosing this trending channel to drive installs and in-app conversions.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

January 3, 2024

Connected TV (CTV): the latest trend in mobile app growth 📈 

Connected TV (CTV) is currently one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, with CTV ad spending expected to reach $24.60 billion in 2023 and hit $42.44 billion by 2027—a staggering 72% growth [1]. 

In this article, we’ll explore the driving forces behind the rapid evolution of CTV and advertisers' increasing interest in this new format, including:

  • What are the benefits of CTV?
  • How are marketers leveraging CTV to grow their mobile apps?
  • What is Jampp CTV? How is it different from other CTV solutions?

Let’s get started! 👇

3 reasons why you should test Connected TV (CTV) as a channel

1️⃣ Higher engagement across screens 

Users spend almost 6 daily hours on their mobile and TV devices [1], which makes CTV a great complement to your mobile marketing strategy. Combining both mobile and CTV enables you to influence your audience at multiple touchpoints throughout the user journey, accessing the best of both worlds: the large-screen storytelling of CTV that can potentially reach multiple users with a single impression, and the large-scale impact of mobile marketing.

2️⃣ Real-time transparency & insights

The latest tech in CTV comes with all the benefits of programmatic advertising, including full transparency into where your ads are being displayed and real-time data to collect actionable insights to inform your marketing decisions. 

"CTV has evolved into a fully measurable performance channel, enabling advertisers to see their true ROAS. With a notable 40% increase in average revenue per paying user from CTV-to-mobile users compared to mobile-only installers, the path to a positive ROAS is clear. Forward-thinking performance marketers should invest in constructing strategies around cross-channel campaigns, incorporating this into their media planning for 2024."  — Gaston Rendelstein, Director of Product Marketing at AppsFlyer

3️⃣ It’s where your competitors are!

Given the momentum CTV has gained in recent months, it's not surprising to see marketers capitalizing on this channel to boost new installs and in-app engagements for their mobile businesses. A Nielsen report revealed a substantial 45% shift in global ad budgets towards CTV [2], and we expect this trend to continue as CTV households keep increasing.

man looking at a ctv ad and then installing an app on his phone

The Jampp CTV difference

Our Jampp CTV solution allows advertisers to track any app downloads and re-engagements associated with CTV campaigns to optimize towards the best cost per action in real time.

With so many different players in the mobile ecosystem, let's dive into what makes Jampp CTV stand out:

📈 Our focus on performance

Our mission is to make this new channel accessible for app advertisers and enable them to track the measurable outcome of their CTV campaigns. While most CTV marketing platforms are usually associated with branding campaigns, our Jampp CTV solution is built to support your performance efforts.  

With Jampp CTV, advertisers can effectively promote their app on the big screen —driving downloads, registrations, purchases, and any other in-app conversion— whether it’s through CTV-to-mobile (the user downloads or engages with an app on a mobile device after seeing a CTV ad) or CTV-to-CTV campaigns (the user downloads or engage with an app on their CTV device).

🤝 Our integration with trusted MMPs

Envisioning the future of our CTV solution meant aligning with leading MMPs from the get-go, ensuring our customers benefit from robust cross-screen attribution capabilities. Our Jampp CTV platform is fully integrated with trusted MMPs, allowing advertisers to seamlessly track the direct impact of their CTV campaigns in real-time.

🙌 Our expertise as a pioneering performance mobile DSP 

Our journey began more than ten years ago, marking us as pioneers in providing a 100% programmatic solution for mobile. We've played a pivotal role in assisting major industry players in their transition from ad network to programmatic traffic. We were the first mobile DSP to offer User Acquisition and App Retargeting in one platform, the first to launch an Always-on Lift Measurement tool that works across the full funnel. 

Having lived through many changes in the mobile ecosystem, our team has witnessed the evolving needs and challenges of app marketers over the years. We built our Jampp CTV solution with those goals in mind. 

Today, we’re empowering mobile marketers to unlock a new growth channel, offering a fully transparent real-time solution that enables them to track the outcomes of their marketing efforts via trusted partners.

Start growing your mobile app with CTV

Connected TV is a fast-growing channel that allows you to further diversify your media mix and engage users across screens. With our Jampp CTV solution, app marketers can expertly pair mobile marketing and CTV campaigns to drive incremental in-app conversions and measure the impact of their efforts in real time. If you want to learn more about how Jampp CTV can help you grow your mobile business, check out this article or drop us a line to talk to one of our experts.


[1] Insider Intelligence, 2023.

[2] Nielsen, 2023.

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