How Multiproduct Ads can drive conversions for any app vertical

Here’s how Finance, Food Delivery, Shopping, Streaming, and Travel apps can incorporate Multiproduct Ads into their creative strategy.

Nicolás Chiesa

February 15, 2024

Multiproduct Ads are a great tool for advertisers looking to promote different products or services in just one ad unit. While Shopping apps are perhaps the most obvious candidate for testing this ad format, Multiproduct ads work for any type of mobile app, encouraging users to install an app and complete purchases, bookings, registrations, or any other events. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Why app marketers should test Multiproduct ads
  • Use cases for Finance, Food Delivery, Shopping, Streaming, and Travel apps
  • Key strategies for iterating your Multiproduct Ads

Feel free to jump ahead to the most relevant section for your app 😉.

Why Multiproduct ads should be part of your creative strategy

Multiproduct Ads allow app marketers to promote their entire catalog without the hassle of manually creating ads for each product or service. Each item within a Multiproduct Ad can be customized with its own image, description, and deep link so that, upon clicking on an ad, users are taken to the app store or straight to the most relevant section of the app, whether it’s a specific service, product category, or even the checkout. On top of that, by leveraging Jampp’s Ads Builder, advertisers can automatically generate on-brand Multiproduct Ads that adapt to any ad size. 

And that’s not all: when plugged directly to a product feed (a list of the product and services you want to promote), Jampp’s Ads Builder can create ad variations with items that your audience has previously interacted with, such as past purchases, items they added to the cart, or content they’ve included in their watchlist. These hyper-relevant ads have proven to be highly effective, with advertisers seeing 140% higher ROAS and 61% lower CPIs with Multiproduct Ads than with other ad formats [1].  

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How different app verticals can leverage Multiproduct Ads

🛍️Shopping apps

Commerce apps were among the first adopters of Carousel and Multiproduct ads in social media. Both ad formats provide much more flexibility to showcase various items of a single product category, display different variations of a single item, highlight discounts, or promote new arrivals. 

We’re now seeing advertisers increasingly leveraging Multiproduct Ads on their programmatic advertising campaigns and getting the best of both worlds: top-performing, hyper-relevant ad units and real-time visibility on when and where your ads are being displayed.

How Multiproduct ads work for Shopping apps

🛵Food Delivery & QSR apps

Like Shopping apps, Food Delivery apps tend to have wide offerings and detailed product feeds they can pull from. They could show pizzas from different restaurants, a variety of desserts from one restaurant to cover a wide range of tastes, or a selection of restaurants with special deals or discounts.

How Multiproduct ads work for food delivery and qsr apps

🏦 Fintech and Financial Services apps

Perhaps a less obvious candidate, but many Finance apps offer a variety of services such as credit cards, loans, and e-wallet features. Promoting several of these features with one ad allows Finance mobile apps to increase the chances of encouraging existing and potential customers to try services they haven’t used before.

How Multiproduct ads work for Finance apps

🎥 Streaming Apps

These apps have a real challenge today as there is so much available content for viewers. Multiproduct Ads allow advertisers to show new titles, genres, or lists around special events in a unique ad unit, with no need for users to scroll or swipe to unveil new options. For example: a curated list of horror movies around Halloween, new Christmas movies to get in the mood, must-see classics, award winners, platform originals, etc.

How multiproduct ads work for streaming apps

✈️ Travel apps

With Multiproduct ads, Travel apps can get the attention of potential travelers with eye-catching destinations, accommodations, and exciting experiences for all types of travelers. Here are some use cases advertisers can put to the test:

  • Create a Multproduct ad featuring vacation packages for different destinations
  • Showcase various hotel options within a specific city based on users' interests
  • Highlight diverse activities and attractions, allowing users to explore and choose from an array of experiences
How multiproduct ads work for travel apps

How and when to test Multiproduct Ads

There are different ways of testing Multiproduct Ads: some advertisers choose to focus on one category and test items within that group, while others prefer to display very different items to showcase how wide their offering is. 

Here are some ideas that work for any app vertical:

  • Best sellers or popular services
  • Users’ favorites, including items they’ve viewed in the app, saved to favorites, wishlists, or watchlists
  • Special discounts, coupons, or benefits such as free shipping
  • New releases, arrivals, or re-stocks 
  • A themed set of products for a specific date or holiday, such as Mother’s Day, Black Friday, or Back to School

To learn more about which design elements you can test and how, check out our post on how to leverage Multiproduct Ads for your mobile app.

Start testing Multiproduct Ads with Jampp

At Jampp, we offer a wide range of creative formats that mobile apps can test to engage their users and resources for any advertiser looking to level up their creative strategy. 

Contact us to learn more about how Jampp can improve your programmatic marketing campaigns. 


[1] Jampp internal data, 2023.

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