Introducing Dynamic Product Ads for Mobile E-commerce Apps

Mobile e-commerce is becoming ubiquitous, nothing quite beats the experience of buying a pair of sneakers, your next flight to Cabo or that…

Jampp Team

July 22, 2016

Mobile e-commerce is becoming ubiquitous, nothing quite beats the experience of buying a pair of sneakers, your next flight to Cabo or that HDMI cable you forgot to get for your new TV from your phone. According to Forrester Research, $142 Billion will be spent in the US through mobile e-commerce by the end of 2016.

As more brands and retailers launch their transactional apps, smartphone user behavior is changing too. It’s not a competition for “the home screen” of your phone anymore. Apps are becoming more like websites in a way, you launch them when you need them and you search for them within your phone (or summon them with Siri).

Nobody wants the Gap or CVS apps on their home screen but you do want them on your phone so that you can make a quick purchase when needed. And normally, that first purchase after the app is installed will happen within the first few days or it won’t happen at all (or for a long time).

Because of this, mobile e-commerce advertisers have to find ways to maximise the likelihood of users making a purchase shortly after that first install. Showing hyper relevant ads to users that have already installed an app is one of the best ways of achieving that. In the context of mobile e-commerce, a hyper relevant ad is an ad that shows you a product you were looking at within an app or one that you added to a shopping basket but didn’t purchase. The only way to do this at scale is by matching product lists/feeds with device IDs and dynamically putting together the creatives.

Until now, you could only do this with Facebook, which is great but mobile retailers were missing out on the vast volume of RTB Exchange traffic available elsewhere.

That is why, today we are introducing Jampp Dynamic Product Ads, a solution that helps businesses seamlessly promote their entire product catalog, across all the mobile devices their customers use.

Dynamic Product Ads allow advertisers to create as many ads as they have products and showcase the most relevant items for each user, driving both awareness and engagement.

How it works

Whether your customers buy jeans, book hotel rooms, listen to music, book car rides or anything in between, we can help you find users who have demonstrated intention to buy and help you increase conversions.

  • Step 1: Product Feed
     We automate ad creation using your product feed in real time
  • Step 2: Your Ad in an App
     Based on users’ behavior in your app, we dynamically create different segments and show them a relevant ad within other apps.
  • Step 3: Product in your App
     If the ad is clicked, the user is directed to the relevant page in the app, a product or category they were looking at.
  • Step 4: New Ad on App
     When a purchase is made, the ads are automatically turned off and complementary products can be shown to that user.
    We have been running a few customers on beta and the results so far have been great.

Advertisers are already seeing at least a 5x increase in engagement.

“Traffic and revenue has bolstered since deploying Dynamic Product Ads with Jampp. We no longer have to worry about how relevant the ads are for our users and can scale our product line efficiently,” said Natália Dias, Mobile Product Manager of Netshoes.
“Being able to retarget our users with customized ads based on their behavior has allowed our app to scale significantly. Not only are we receiving better click-through rates and engagement, but conversions from Dynamic Product Ads performs consistently well and sets Jampp apart from the rest of the retargeting solutions we’ve worked with in the past,” said Marcus Letsch, Senior Mobile Marketing Manager of Foodpanda.

Here is just a sample of the creative templates that can be used for Dynamic Product Ads.

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