Introducing Geolocated Ads for Apps

How to leverage geolocation technology for hyper-relevant mobile ads and better user experiences.

Jampp Team

September 4, 2019

How to leverage geolocation technology for hyper-relevant mobile ads and better user experiences.

With Geolocated Ads advertisers can leverage geolocation technology to show their users the options that are available and relevant given the user’s specific location, on both User Acquisition and App Retargeting campaigns.

I Want it All, I Want it Now and I Want it Here

Thanks to the ever growing number of connected devices and the mobile experiences these have enabled, consumers have come to expect a level of convenience and personalization from which there’s no going back. Mobile apps have fundamentally changed how people tackle tasks, interact with brands and ultimately… what they’re willing to put up with. Mobile-first companies have designed their products to meet today’s users’ desire for immediacy.

This is especially true for marketplaces and on-demand services such as ride-sharing and food delivery services, but there’s a catch. In order to deliver quickly and seamlessly, these apps have location restrictions when aligning supply and demand which are often a challenge when they want to scale and reach new users.

Unlock Growth with New Granularity

With geolocated ads, our dynamic ads builder automatically handles thousands of ads for products that are within each users’ vicinity 📍.

  • Deliver relevant user experiences — Reach users promoting specific restaurants, goods, or products relevant to where they are at any given time. This is especially efficient on User Acquisition campaigns where advertisers don’t have many data points to work with.
  • Align Supply and Demand — Ensure the promoted meals/rides/etc are actually available in the area where the user is being served the ad.
  • Achieve Granularity and Scale — Advertisers can run country-wide campaigns with highly specific ads, customizing ad content for each region, city or strategic location.

How to Leverage Geolocated Ads

Use Case #1: Food Delivery 🥡

The ability to customize ads by location gives them a new level of relevancy for Food Delivery Apps. Rather than using generic burger & sushi pics, they can now show each user ads and promotions with restaurants and meals from that area. This means users can order exactly what they see on the ad, and it will be delivered quickly as it is from a nearby spot.

It also means advertisers can get more specific with their messages, even for User Acquisition! Like for example showing specific ads for ordering lunch at the office around a city’s Financial District.

Use Case #2: Ride Sharing 🚘

Taxi and ride-sharing apps can show ads specific to certain strategic locations. For example, they could promote “rides into the city” or even “getting home” near airports or “don’t drink and drive ads” in areas with lots of pubs and bars.

Use Case #3: Travel ✈️

Travel & Transport apps can leverage Geolocated Ads to promote relevant travel destinations that are specific to each user’s location. For example, a train-booking app might target people in Paris with ads promoting specific trips from that city to other popular destinations.

These are just some of the possible strategies Geolocation Ads unlock. As long as marketers have location coordinates for their products, they can take advantage of this feature to reach users with highly relevant content.

How It Works

Sample Feed for a Food Delivery App with Geolocation Coordinates.

New Business is Just Around the Corner

By adding Geolocated Ads to the mix, marketers can deliver better user experiences and effortlessly align supply and demand to reach new users and further engage their current customers. Marketers can now leverage geolocation technology to serve product-specific ads within availability range for each user, for both User Acquisition and Retargeting campaigns.