Jampp is joining forces with Affle!

Today is an extremely exciting day for the Jampp team! We are thrilled to join Affle and continue helping the app economy to grow.

Jampp Founders

June 9, 2021

Today is an extremely exciting day for the Jampp team as we're joining forces with Affle (NSE: AFFLE)!

Over the past year, COVID has pushed the app economy years into the future. Mobile has become an essential part of our lives as we lean on apps to play, shop, work, learn, monitor our health, and escape. Back in 2013, when we started, this reality was more of a (blurry) vision (or just hope!).

We founded Jampp 7 years ago as a little experiment (an act of survival more than a "pivot") within a gaming company. By trying to distribute and monetize our own games, we developed an app that could be used to drive installs for other companies and make them  "jump into the app store rankings" (that's basically how we got our name).

Jampp team over the years

Eventually, we decided to toss the games and stick with Jampp. That was the first time that we put our team’s entrepreneurial spirit to the test. Since then, we’ve tested it time and time again, having lived many startup lives. But what remains constant is that we’ve never stopped iterating and improving what we do, navigating the changes in our industry with the sole focus of driving performance for apps (just apps).

Back then, our first customers were expanding internationally while trying to understand how to do performance marketing at scale -- this led us to build more sophisticated technology and grow ourselves beyond our Latin American origins. We were lucky. As the mobile ecosystem experienced a massive growth, we were able to scale our technology to make mobile marketing work for our customers, driving new users and real revenue (not just installs).

In this path, we have learned that to build technology that works and helps companies globally, a very special team and company culture are required. That's why we are elated to be joining Affle, a company that has spent more than a decade building technology to help mobile companies grow.

Jampp’s leadership team will continue to lead Jampp as an independent and strategic unit within the Affle group. Our shared mission of moving forward with passion, innovation and entrepreneurial commitment is the driving force behind the partnership.

We are extremely proud of what the Jampp team has accomplished so far, and we are thankful to the incredible customers and partners who trust us.

Today we start a new chapter, and we can't wait to join Affle to continue helping the app economy to grow.

Thank you!

Diego, Martin & the Jampp Team

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