Jampp joins TUNE’s Certified Partner Program to advance transparency in the mobile industry

TUNE was our first ever tracking partner integration back in 2013.

Jampp Team

July 27, 2017

TUNE was our first ever tracking partner integration back in 2013.

Jampp’s Jo and Joff at TUNE’s POSTBACK ’14, back when white shorts were in fashion

4 years later, we’re psyched to be featured in TUNE’s most recent initiative towards a more transparent industry: the Certified Partner Program.

Why is TUNE’s Certified Partner Program important?

Partners are vetted by the TUNE team and TUNE clients who can attest to the quality level of their service.

Brands often struggle when selecting mobile marketing partners. The TUNE Certified Partner Program makes it easier for advertisers to find reliable partners, who they can trust to comply with industry best practices.

The Program seeks to unite the mobile ecosystem under the same set of industry standards, covering client experience, data sharing, and cost transparency.

All TUNE Certified Partners commit to a series of technical requisites such as passing campaign data and ad spend data to offering marketers granular vision on traffic quality and a quick understanding of their ROAS. Partners also need to meet Engagement and Acknowledgement requirements: having a certain number of live app campaigns, keeping discrepancies below a minimal % to prevent reporting and billing issues, and submitting to compliance reviews to name a few.

“By qualifying for the program, Jampp has proven to marketers and the mobile advertising community that they believe in the importance of transparency and their commitment to abiding by the industry’s highest standards. ” — TUNE CEO Peter Hamilton

As a performance marketing platform, our mission is to acquire and retarget mobile users that drive real in-app revenue. With this certification, we join a select group of 28 technology and advertising companies committed to upholding app marketing best practices to benefit mobile brands globally.

Big thanks to the TUNE team and the other partners committed to the program, the mobile space needs more companies working together to make the industry stronger and more transparent.

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