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Getting a bit more serious as we raise a Series A $7 Million investment

Jampp Team

April 26, 2015

Getting a bit more serious as we raise a Series A $7 Million investment

We are very excited to announce we raised a $7M Series A investment, led by Highland Capital Partners Europe. This new funding means we get to invest heavily in our mission: making mobile app marketing more effective, but also easier!

Why now?

We started Jampp to improve the way companies promote their mobile apps, believing that app marketing should be easier and more useful.

Just two years in, Jampp is already enabling hundreds of companies to accelerate their mobile strategy worldwide. We’re stoked that Jampp is supporting the efforts of some truly amazing companies. Their engineering and marketing teams have saved an enormous amount of time and energy, while simultaneously gaining a huge competitive advantage.

We are really proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

What’s more, we’ve managed to do it without any outside investment. We were able to grow fast, while bootstrapping the company.

But we are not the type to settle. We want to do it much better. We want to tackle harder challenges, and offer our clients the best services. We want to make app marketing easier for more companies.

So what’s next?

There’s still a huge amount of work left to do. It’s still day 1 for mobile app marketing…

Lots of companies are (rightly) starting to focus their energies on in-app event optimization. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, there are innumerable RTB exchanges, traditional ad networks and publishers/sites where you can buy mobile ads. It’s still very very complex (and most of the time, requires a lot of manual work) to optimize per CPA among them, but also to detect and react to fraud.

Then there´s the fact that it is still too painful to do re-targeting campaigns at scale. How do you integrate all the in-app data? How do you reach users at scale? How do you choose the right dynamic creative for each user? How do you easily generate the right segments to target? We want to make this dead simple.

Finally, the experience for the users is very unfriendly. From click to purchase, users have to go from an app to a browser, to a redirect, to an app store, to open the installed app in a place that doesn’t onboard them nicely. Mobile “growth hacking” still lacks most of its tools.

We want to fix these problems. We want to be smarter about how we analyse and optimize in-app data to get better performance campaigns for your mobile apps with little human effort. And we want to do this globally, whether your company wants to launch your app in emerging markets or accelerate your growth in the USA — we want to help you get there. We want Jampp to be closer to our clients no matter where you are based.

We will continue to focus on making app marketing even better. And we’re excited to partner with Highland to help make it happen.

Our team is now 35 strong and growing quickly — check out our job openings!

We’re psyched to take on these new challenges, and if you are a customer, a partner or in the Jampp team, thank you for being part of this ride.

This is just the beginning!

Until next time,

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