Key insights from the latest 2022 mobile industry events

Industry events have always been a great chance to meet marketers and partners, but also to get a sense of the industry pulse: what challenges are mobile marketers facing? What lessons are they eager to share? Here are some of our takeaways from this year's first events!

María Victoria López Iraola

May 31, 2022

In-person events are back and we’re excited! We’ve attended GDC, AppsFlyer’s MAMA event in Brazil, a number of AGS conferences and roundtables, and we’re excited to see the industry events ramping up. While we’ve managed to stay connected over the past few years with virtual events, Q&As with industry experts, and lunch & learns, there are some things about industry events that are hard to beat.

Getting a sense of the industry pulse

We love joining customers, prospects, and partners in interesting conversations around the challenges and opportunities our industry faces today. We also love our industry and the people we get to work with. Our main goal is to make programmatic work seamlessly for the best apps out there, and to do that, it’s important to stay up to date with the big and small challenges we face.

Some trending topics…

Industry events are a great way to complement our 1:1 conversations with customers and prospects to get a better sense of what marketers are looking for, their challenges, the experiments they’re running on different platforms, and their learnings. Some of the trending topics from the events we’ve attended so far include:

  • Creatives: for those of us who have been in the industry for a while, it may be hard to think there’s anything new to say about creatives, and yet… they are still one of the first things a user sees as they begin to decide if they'll engage with an app. The creatives you send out into the world play a large part in determining the success of any outreach campaign. There was a really interesting panel at AGS LA called "Optimizing Your Creative Strategies for Maximum Value" where they shared strategies to test and optimize creatives for certain KPIs. 
  • SKAN: while we’re still very much in a transition period, it’s been interesting to see how the industry is adapting to Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework. There are of course different approaches: attempting to get the most out of IDFA traffic, testing fingerprinting, and in our humble opinion, the most interesting approach: trying to test and develop new solutions for the SKAN framework. 
  • Performance vs Brand marketing: It’s been interesting to see how these two branches are starting to work together, and how branding can learn from performance and vice versa. As  brand authenticity keeps gaining relevance, advertisers should align their branding and performance efforts, building a solid branding foundation that can help amplify paid performance efforts.
  • Media mix: always a crowd favorite and for good reason. There isn’t a silver bullet for growth—but understanding which channels are worth exploring, how to make the most out of each strategy, and evaluating the potential of cross-learnings can help you maximize your ROAS and make more informed marketing decisions for your app.
  • Retention: If you don’t talk about retention, is it really a mobile marketing event? Since churning is a challenge for most apps, we’re seeing multiple ways to improve retention, but most focus on the same strategy: identifying the key “moments” within the user journey where users should be highly engaged and led back to the app—and how these moments vary from vertical to vertical.

Meet Jampp at upcoming events

Our team is headed to MAU Las Vegas next week and AGS São Paulo with our friends from Appnext a few weeks after. 

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Learn more about Jampp

Yes, events are also a good way to promote our awesome product, when the opportunity arises. We like to have a consultative approach at Jampp, rather than parroting our pitch, but if we think our product can help we’re always happy to discuss how! Send us a note to meet our team and chat about growth opportunities for your mobile business!

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