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GrowCo Las Vegas

Jampp Team

May 10, 2016

GrowCo Las Vegas

Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016 is named The Premier Mobile Acquisition & Retention Summit as’s flagship mobile summit. As an official sponsor of the event, we were excited to see all of our clients in one location as we shared industry issues, best practices, and insights for mobile growth.

The #MAU16 event was a two day acquisition and retention retreat, bringing together a powerhouse group of professionals that not only had deep experience in mobile growth and retention, but shared compelling, actionable content both on and off the stage. Here’s what stood out to me:

Hot topics

Dynamic industry

The mobile industry is moving very fast and what’s important now could be very different 6 months from now. There are new ad formats, new ways of targeting users, new campaign KPIs and analytics, and the industry shows no sign of slowing down.

User engagement and retention

While acquiring new users is still very relevant to advertisers, marketers now understand that acquisition efforts need to be combined with re-engagement strategies. User retention was a trending topic throughout the conference, as app marketers were eager to understand how to drive more value from acquired users and prevent them from slipping away. What’s a good retention rate? How long to wait before launching retargeting campaigns? How to design effective retargeting ads? These were some of the most frequent questions discussed. 
Push notifications were also a recurring topic in the retention conversation.


Trustworthiness is paramount for app markerters. While progress has been made, many consider transparency is still an issue. Advertisers want to know which ads are being used, where the creatives are being shown, and how they are performing.

Our session

App Wars : Episode VI — Return of the Users

We covered some of the best strategies and tactics in the war of acquiring and retaining both sellers and buyers, sharing concrete examples from the US, Europe and South America.

  • The force is strong with this one — If you consider retention from the get-go, you can focus your acquisition efforts on the users who are more likely to convert. Retargeting is not an afterthought to user acquisition. The best way to drive value from your users from day one is to simultaneously acquire and retarget new users.
  • Are these the droids you are looking for? — Aid users on their path to conversion. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to address your customers with relevant content. Ads and CTAs are specific to the users’ past behaviors and interest, and drive them back to specific pages in your app.
  • Always tell me the odds — Programmatic, real-time optimization can help you achieve the most effective combination of ads, traffic sources and targeting.
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