Neon sees a 14% decrease in CPA with Jampp’s technology

Neon, a leading Fintech app in Brazil, partnered with Jampp for User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

March 16, 2021

Neon, a leading Fintech app in Brazil, partnered with Jampp for User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

Neon bank partners with Jampp for User Acquisition and App Retargeting

How Fintech apps are changing banking in Brazil

Brazil is the third fastest-growing market (after India and Indonesia) in Fintech app installs [1].

  • 75% YoY growth in Finance apps downloads in Brazil, 2020 (App Annie, 2021)
  • 8.56mins spent on Finance apps per session in Brazil in H1 2020 (Adjust & Apptopia, 2020)

And within Fintech, it’s banking apps that are driving that growth: 70% of Fintech apps in Brazil are banking apps (digital and traditional)[1]. With such a high level of competition, Fintech apps in the region have been very proactive in developing better user experiences and acquisition strategies.

Neon: Creating the perfect user experience for banking users

Founded in 2016, Neon was born with a clear purpose: to provide an accessible bank account to all Brazilians while, in Neon founder’s words, “placing user experience at the center of everything we do”. Its complete suite of mobile-first services allows users to invest, transfer money, and check their accounts directly from their apps, at any time and place.

In 2020, Neon saw a surge in deposits, investments, and online purchases, and raised $300M to further accelerate that growth [2]. Focusing on account openings and credit card activations, they partnered with Jampp for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting, going beyond installs to achieve healthy and long-term growth.

Campaign Development

Driving engagement with a full-cycle app marketing strategy

For Fintech apps, one of the main challenges is to keep users engaged throughout the sign-up and card activation process, which are typically longer than in other verticals. Therefore, a user that installed the app isn’t an active client yet.

To tackle this challenge, Neon expertly paired User Acquisition with App Retargeting. By implementing a full-cycle app marketing strategy, they capitalized their acquisition budget by turning their new app users into long-term customers.

“Getting a user to install the app is only the first step. We were able to leverage Jampp’s technology to identify how and when to engage with new users, showing our app’s ease of use and boosting our card activations.” — Gabriel Teixeira - Media Leader at Neon

Boosting ad performance with Machine Learning

User experience is at the core of Neon’s business, and they brought that mindset to app discovery too. Since mobile ads are often a user’s first interaction with the brand, Neon was keen to leverage Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder.

This creative tool uses existing brand assets to automatically generate hundreds of ad variations for every creative size. By removing the hassle of ad creation, Neon was able to focus on brand and creative strategy, access more inventory, and seamlessly run multiple tests to identify top-performing ad variations.

Assess the impact of ad impressions with View-Through Attribution (VTA)

To gain further insights into creative performance and audience behavior, Neon leveraged VTA to ensure they had full visibility from the initial impression to the recurring in-app events. In turn, VTA allowed Neon to:

  • Keep impression-based conversions from being mislabelled as organic
  • Avoid the potential blacklisting of channels/placements with no attributed clicks (which might actually be driving user conversion)
  • Enhance creative performance by allowing for more efficient campaign optimizations and informed marketing decisions

The Result: higher conversion rates and lower CPAs

“As one of the leading digital banks in Brazil, we’re always looking for the right partners to help us keep growing. Jampp’s quality performance and proactive team make the perfect combination. Together, we’ve achieved higher engagement at a cost-efficient CPA—we’re very happy with the results.” — Gabriel Teixeira, Media Leader at Neon

Wrapping up

If you want to learn more about how Jampp’s products and features can boost your brand, take a look at our success stories, or contact us to see our growth platform in action.


[1] “The State of Finance App Marketing in Brazil,” AppsFlyer, 2020.
[2] BusinessWire, 2020.

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