New Custom Creatives for mobile apps — a closer look 🔍

Last year we launched our Dynamic Ads Builder which significantly simplified the ad creation process. Almost one year on, we are happy to…

Jampp Team

February 8, 2018

Last year we launched our Dynamic Ads Builder which significantly simplified the ad creation process. Almost one year on, we are happy to report that ads created using Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder out-performed manually created ones and succeeded in saving advertiser time and dollars: 65% higher CTR with 95% less effort. Not bad. Today, we’re announcing a new, improved version of Creative Labs, below you’ll find a quick recap of the main features and improvements.

Dynamic Ads Builder

Custom Creatives — Kind of a native ad…

Like Natives, our Custom Creatives automatically combine the different elements that make up an ad, but since the ad doesn’t need to adapt to the look and feel of the publisher app, (like Natives do) these themes allow for more customizations.

So what’s new?

Flexible and Brand Friendly

Running mobile ads in multiple countries and infinite publishers, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. These designs have been tried and tweaked for optimal viewability and performance. That said, it is true that there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to mobile creatives, that’s why the real beauty of the Dynamic Ads Builder lies precisely in how easy it is to customize these designs for each brand. Yes, it’s a template, but no, they don’t all look the same. Take a look:

Customize every ad element using your brand’s color palette.

Each design element can be tailored to ensure your app’s brand is truly reflected in the ad.

With our Custom creatives you can:

  • Tailor the message.
  • (NEW) Choose the text style of the message
  • (NEW) Fully customize the color of each element and border.

This ensures the ad complies with the brand’s palette and shares the same look and feel of the rest of your marketing materials.

Moreover, we’ve been steadily adding and testing new designs, a few favorites:

Custom Creatives Variations for App Retargeting

Multiple designs can be created in seconds, and each design is automatically adjusted to the different ad sizes to maximize your ads’ reach.

Mo Data, Mo Granular Reporting

Since every element inside the ads is now a data point, creating ads in this manner enables significantly more granular reporting, as we can analyze the performance of each individual design element.

This was almost impossible to analyze in regular display ads, unless you manually input all of the elements and values (which is a nightmare when you want to scale).

The way a mobile ad looks is vital. The copy and CTA need to be relevant, yes, 100% but what makes someone looking at an ad make that split second decision of “noticing” the ad or ignoring it? Photos and colors. Visuals are key and now advertisers can get performance insights for each visual element to better understand what works (and what doesn’t) for their audience.

📈🤓Advanced Custom Creatives Analytics 🤓📈

Quicker Optimization with Machine Learning

There are a couple of things to highlight about how we apply machine learning to creatives. We should start by mentioning that we use a refined version of Multi Armed Bandits (MAB) which allows us to select the natural winners without sacrificing the exploration process, as you would with a Greedy algorithm. (The Greedy algorithm version will stick with the ad/ ad elements which outperformed in the early stages, but could easily not be the best variation in the long term.)

In terms of machine learning, the greatest improvement of this new version of our Dynamic Ads Builder is that our algorithm can now “see inside of the ads” (i.e. each creative element is now a variable to analyze and factor into the predicted performance for the ad). Consequently, this has two main outcomes:

  • We learn on a much deeper level, inputting 3x more data about the creative elements to learn from.
  • We learn faster because the performance of the elements will be shared between different campaigns, having historical data about previous design decisions. i.e.: red as a background colour has not performed well for financial apps in the US in the past or say… green CTA buttons work better for travel than e-commerce.
So basically… the new update covers the creative process from start to finish.

Additional Perks

  • Responsive: Coded in responsive HTML, these ads are displayed perfectly on every screen, regardless of its aspect ratio.
  • Retargeting-friendly: When it comes to the creative process, Retargeting campaigns are more demanding. Advertisers need to show different ads to different segments, and ads have shorter life spans because users know the app and tire more quickly of seeing the same ad. With Jampp’s Dynamic Ads Builder, creatives are swiftly renewed with a couple of clicks.
  • Rapid turnaround: The ability to quickly create multiple ads comes in especially handy for themed ads around holidays and special dates. Even if you don’t have a specific promotion, these events are an opportunity to show the app’s usefulness.
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