PatPat grows their ROI with Jampp’s programmatic platform

PatPat, a leading shopping app for baby & kid’s clothes, partnered with Jampp to re-engage their mobile users, successfully reaching their ambitious ROI goals across multiple key geos.

Jampp Team

March 9, 2022

About PatPat

​PatPat was founded by InterFocus INC in 2014 for moms and their kids. Each day, PatPat launches new clothing styles and limited time deals. They have their own design team and own supply chain. PatPat’s goal is to make beautiful, high-quality baby clothing, family matching outfits, accessories, home goods, and more.

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The challenge

Retention is one of the main challenges for Shopping apps: industry benchmarks indicate that 80% of customers don't return the day after installing the app [1], unless they are re-engaged. As a result, savvy advertisers like PatPat are always looking for opportunities to keep users engaged—and special dates are a great strategy to drive sales with special discounts and benefits. 

While PatPat offers great deals all year round, they see more competition during these dates as other brands flood the market with limited-time discounts.

To tackle these challenges, PatPat has been working with Jampp to reach and re-engage their mobile users through programmatic advertising. While we’ve implemented and tested different strategies during our partnership, this case study focuses on our collaboration around special dates. 

The solution

Understanding the importance of a solid ad strategy for special dates, we leveraged segmentation and creative learnings from our long-standing partnership to run special creatives for Black Friday, Cyber Monday as well as Christmas and New Year.

Creative strategy best practices

Thorough testing should be at the core of any creative strategy. What holds true for one campaign may not work for another. That said there are a few basics to consider: 

  • Remember relevance is key: messages need to be timed and curated to connect with users' interests. When running campaigns in multiple geos, such as PatPat does, it’s important to adapt ads for each market. This means translating the messages but also ensuring the promoted items are available in the targeted region. 
  • Plan the timeline: While we tend to talk about special “dates”, these promotions are seldom limited to one day. Having different ad sets for before, during, and after the special date is a good way of generating additional interest. With PatPat, we showed ads to build up hype in the weeks leading up to the key dates to connect the brand with users as soon as they start thinking about gifts or building their wishlist in expectation of the offers to come.
  • Access more inventory by using every Creative Size to drive as many conversions as possible. PatPat’s design team came up with high-engaging ads and variations, which Jampp’s team helped adapt to all available formats. We want to help apps reach every corner of the app ecosystem. Reaching different placements with a variety of creatives is key to finding which message best resonates with the app’s different audiences. Maximizing the number of re-engaged users ultimately helps with the brands’ goals of increasing in-app sales.

The results

By combining Jampp’s programmatic technology with smart segmentation and creative strategies, PatPat was able to meet their ambitious ROI goals for key dates. During Black Friday, for example, the app achieved roughly +25% ROI. 

Re-engage your mobile app users with Jampp

If you want to learn more about how Jampp’s programmatic platform and features can drive more in-app sales, take a look at our success stories, or contact us to see our growth platform in action.


[1] AppsFlyer, 2021.

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