Rapido and Jampp work in tandem across the complete customer lifecycle

The leading bike taxi app Rapido partnered with Jampp to drive growth across the full user journey, from discovery to re-engagement.

Melisa Rocío Fernández

February 18, 2020

The leading bike taxi app Rapido partnered with Jampp to drive growth across the full user journey, from discovery to re-engagement.

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How two-wheelers are changing commuting in India 🇮🇳

A recent study indicated that Mumbai’s traffic jams are actually the worst at a global scale (and New Delhi follows close ranking as #4).

Congestion statistics during morning and evening peaks for workdays

Statistics for traffic congestion during the week

Commuters lose an average of 27.5 minutes per 30 minute trips every day on extra travel during peak hours1. Keeping this in mind, it's easy to understand the appeal of alternative transport means that minimize transit hazards at an affordable price.

The presence of taxi bikes and scooters has increased significantly in cities around the world. As a result, the global bike taxi business has doubled over the past years, reaching 66,000 vehicles in 20192. The Indian market has certainly contributed to this trend, with bike taxi apps registering over 4.8M users3. Moreover, the two-wheeler sharing market is forecasted to reach $94M by 20254📈.

Bike taxi apps in India are based in the southern region, in cities such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad, where travel startups originally started their operations. These innovative transport solutions are expected to hit the eastern region as they expand their reach across the country, increasingly being financially backed by top investors to drive further success.

Going the extra mile to make daily transfer faster and affordable

Rapido is a platform that enables solo commuters to book rides to and from the destination of their choice through the mobile app Rapido Bike. Founded in 2015, the Bangalore-based company focuses on making commuters’ daily travel faster, affordable, and safe. It also provides a viable option for two-wheeler owners looking to earn some extra money by becoming riders, or ‘Captains’.

Besides helping fight traffic, Rapido Bike reduces carbon footprints and constitutes a cost-efficient solution in which safety is a top priority—insurance is covered in all rides, and all the captains are verified professionals.

The Challenge 💪

As many apps in the on-demand economy, it was vital to implement a precise geotargeting strategy to ensure they were targeting and engaging users in the cities where the product was available. Additionally, Rapido sought a partner who could quickly identify key user trends as they grew, and use those insights to further fuel growth.
Rapido partnered with Jampp to expand and engage its customer base in India, with increased control and visibility into campaign performance and development.

“Jampp helped us drive growth through the entire user journey, from discovery to re-engagement. They have proven to be an instrumental growth platform for us, offering scale, transparency, quality, and great service across our User Acquisition and App Retargeting strategies.”—Sounak Mondal, Affiliate-Programmatic-Remarketing Specialist.

Rapido Success Metrics

Combining User Acquisition & App Retargeting

Rapido understood early on the importance of having a comprehensive growth strategy, retargeting new users from the very beginning to ensure long-term engagement.

Many marketers working on growing their user bases tend to focus solely on User Acquisition. However, with ambitious goals and increasing competition came the need for a different approach. Rapido leveraged retargeting, not only to activate dormant users, but also to engage new customers and generate regular booking habits. By combining both strategies, Rapido benefited from seamlessly integrating Jampp's features to meet business needs across the complete customer lifecycle, from discovery to re-engagement.

Finding the right users: letting the machine do the work 🤖

Rapido secured top performance by implementing Jampp’s Predictive Audiences to find which users to target, with which ad, and at what price with algorithmic accuracy.

In order to drive incremental revenue from their growing user base, Rapido leveraged Jampp’s Predictive Audiences, customizing bids and creative strategy for each individual user. By asserting the value of each user, Jampp’s Predictive Audiences feature ensures cost-efficient CPM bidding decisions to maximize the chances of winning the media auction whilst minimizing CPA (in this case, cost per booking). Using Predictive Audiences, Jampp achieved a 112% lower CPA in purchases from dormant users.

Creative best practices: lessons from Rapido’s ad strategy

  • Stay top-of-mind with seasonal creatives 🎆: seasonalities and key dates are often a great opportunity to launch offers and deals. For example, Rapido successfully engaged users during Diwali, a date with high demand for alternative transport options, driving new users back to the app with special offers. Other event-specific ad sets included special discounts on Rapido’s 4th anniversary 🎂.
  • Keep creatives relevant & updated: discounts are great but a successful creative strategy goes beyond special offers. RELEVANCY is key. There are a few different ways in which marketers can make sure their ads are relevant for users. First things first: exposing users to the same ad set for a long period of time will lead to ads losing relevance. In order to keep their message fresh at all times, Rapido’s creatives were updated on a regular basis, resulting in a CTR increase of 50%.
  • Use a variety of languages for different users: it’s important to take into account the diversity of languages spoken across this market. In the Indian market, 528M people speak Hindi as their first language and a further 129.2M have English either as their first, second, or third language, so Rapido smartly featured creatives in both Hindi and English. Users are far more likely to engage with a brand that speaks to them in the language they feel most comfortable in.
  • Run different ads for User Acquisition and App Retargeting: User Acquisition and App Retargeting are complementary but different: the desired action in an app install campaign is “INSTALL” or “DOWNLOAD”, while in an engagement campaign, it’s closely related to an in-app conversion like “BOOK A RIDE”. Users who have already installed the app are likely to ignore any other ad that asks them to “DOWNLOAD NOW”. Rapido succeeded in delivering relevant messages at each stage of the customer lifecycle by using different ad sets for each audience.

Wrapping up

By partnering with Jampp, Rapido was able to grow in key Indian cities, incorporating new customers while re-conquering lapsed users at a 112% lower CPA. To further improve campaign performance, Rapido also leveraged Jampp’s Predictive Audiences, an advanced targeting feature that secured a higher amount of First Ride bookings at a faster rate than those not associated with Jampp.

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