Retarget mobile users on both app and web by leveraging Jampp & Branch technology

The ideal customer journey might not be app-only, mobile attribution and retargeting shouldn’t be either.

Jampp Team

February 15, 2018

The ideal customer journey might not be app-only, mobile attribution and retargeting shouldn’t be either.

In conjunction with Branch’s launch of their Universal Ads product, we are pleased to announce our integration with Branch, which will allow advertisers to leverage Branch and Jampp’s programmatic technology to track and retarget mobile customers on both mobile web and app.

How it works

Dynamic user flow from ad to purchase

When retargeted users don’t have the app (they uninstalled it), the ad they click on re-directs them to the mobile website instead of leading them to the App Store.

The benefits of combining Jampp with Branch

Attribution across Mobile Web and App

With our integration, we can leverage Branch’s New People Based Attribution to follow the user’s journey no matter how non-linear. If the user clicks on web and converts in app, no problem. Vice versa? No problem either.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Product related ads are often the most cost-effective way for marketers to leverage their first-party data to keep users engaged within their apps.

The tracked in-app data (Device ID, Product ID and any relevant metadata such as product color) is crossed with the product feed data to customize each ad to each user’s activity and interests. That way, customers are retargeted with products they’ve searched for, or better yet, added to their carts.

Additionally, Dynamic Product Ads automatically reflect changes in your product feed, so whether you offer discounted pricing, run out of stock of some items, or add new products to your range, your ads stay up to date.

Dynamic Product Ads

Seamless journey from ad to purchase

  • If users have the app, clicking on the product ad will lead them directly to the in-app screen where they can complete the purchase.
  • If users have uninstalled the app, they will be directed to the specific mobile web page to buy the product. This greatly improves the experience for dropped users, and enables in-web activity to be attributed. By ingesting more data, from users otherwise “lost” due to lack of tracking, advertisers gain valuable information that Jampp can use to improve performance optimization.

By leveraging Branch’s deep linking technology, we can ensure users have a straightforward flow from seeing the ad with the product they like to actually purchasing the product. We create ads promoting specific products according to a user’s previous browsing activity and Branch directs users to the advertised product in the mobile app or web via deep link. The results are significant increases in performance and overall more satisfied customers.

Wrapping Up

Product based ad campaigns significantly increase user engagement and performance. Branch & Jampp’s integration allows these campaigns to be created and launched at scale without compromising on user experience or attribution no matter what platform, OS or browser is being used during the course of the customer journey.

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