TaDa drives incremental orders with Jampp’s App Retargeting

TaDa, one of the leading beverage delivery companies in Latin America, partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting.

Francisca Turri

April 15, 2024

About TaDa Delivery

TaDa Delivery is AB InBev’s first global, direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital platform. The company delivers premium beer brands at competitive prices and its name refers to TaDa Delivery’s mission to bring ‘magic’ into casual gatherings at home like sports nights, family dinners, and special moments with friends[1].

Created in 2022, the company quickly gained traction, expanding to 12 new countries. Today, TaDa delivers the products of local retail partners and its proprietary stores across key markets like Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and South Africa.

An overview of the TaDa Delivery app, as seen in Google Play and the app store

The Challenge

Three main factors should be considered to understand the state of the Delivery vertical in Mexico: 

  • Mexicans heavily invest time and money in apps: consumer spending on mobile apps totaled $711M in 2022, and users spent almost 5 daily hours using apps [2].
  • Paid marketing dominates with over 50% of conversions, driven by weak organic traction and high churn rates (87% abandon the app three days after install unless retargeted [3]). Marketers heavily rely on paid efforts to increase user engagement, with remarketing now contributing 58% of in-app actions from paid campaigns in Mexico [3].
  • It’s a fast-growing market: quarterly sessions of Food & Grocery Delivery apps grew 108% between 2019 and 2022, totaling 1.4 billion in Q4 2022 [3], and this vertical will continue to grow, with Food & Beverage Delivery users projected to reach 17.59 million by 2028 [4].

With these challenges in mind, TaDa Delivery worked with its agency, EPA Digital, to implement Jampp’s App Retargeting solution, maximizing user retention and driving incremental orders. As a result, in-app orders grew by 345% across their campaigns with Jampp.

“Jampp’s App Retargeting solution plays a crucial role in our media mix, ensuring that customers return to our app for more orders and to explore new products. We really value the fact that they are 100% programmatic and transparent, which enables us to fully control where our ads are being displayed and ultimately assess the real impact of our marketing efforts.” —TaDa Delivery Team.

The Solution

TaDa Delivery focused on driving first orders and subsequent (re)orders, leveraging App Retargeting to re-engage existing customers. Jampp simultaneously ran a preliminary analysis of organic campaign performance to further identify relevant user behavior patterns and allocate the campaign budget more efficiently across top-performing days of the week and times of the day. 

The team at TaDa Delivery and its agency, EPA Digital, expertly paired Jampp’s App Retargeting with a robust creative strategy that allowed them to automatically create and test multiple ad variations, all while getting real-time visibility into where all their units were shown.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA): 100s of ad variations with no extra effort

With an extensive offering ranging from well-known quality beers to emerging local brands, TaDa Delivery was looking to showcase their entire product catalog. Jampp’s DPAs were the perfect fit for their needs: plugged directly to a product feed, this creative feature automatically generated creative variations for each item in TaDa Delivery’s offering—all while adapting TaDa’s look and feel and without the need for manual work.

Jampp’s platform then optimized campaign performance based on the unique ad variations that users interacted the most with.

The programmatic difference

Mexico currently has one of the highest ad fraud rates in Latin America [3]. Aware of the concerning trends compromising brand safety, the team at TaDa Delivery relied on Jampp’s programmatic platform to monitor, identify, and cut down on fraudulent and invalid traffic through: 

  • Impression-level data: Programmatic DSPs like Jampp are directly connected with SSPs (AKA ad exchanges), enabling TaDa Delivery to monitor and fully control where their ads are being displayed and when in real time. 
  • Proactive prevention: Jampp used historical data to ensure we were only bidding and serving impressions to real users, blocking bids from fraudulent traffic signals and publishers with suspiciously high bid request frequencies. 
  • Automatic penalization: Optimizing campaigns towards a TaDa's engagement goal, Jampp’s platform flagged and penalized any potential fraudulent activity.

Transparency is much more than a safety check, it’s also a key factor for efficient optimization. Having full visibility into high-converting placements and creatives allowed Jampp to boost creative features such as DPAs, optimize results based on campaign performance, and unlock valuable insights for TaDa Delivery.

Success Metrics

TadaDelivery's success metrics after partnering with Jampp
“We highly appreciate partners like Jampp, who contribute to our ambitious growth objectives. We're extremely pleased with their ongoing support and their proactiveness in testing new initiatives to take our campaign to the next level. We look forward to continuing to drive long-term growth for the TaDa Delivery app together.” —TaDa Delivery Team.
“At EPA Digital, we're committed to delivering excellence in performance, user retention, and ad fraud protection. Jampp has been an essential ally in enabling us to exceed our clients' expectations. Their team and programmatic platform consistently yield reliable and authentic results in an industry where ad fraud is a big concern for advertisers. Together, we've propelled TaDa Delivery's campaigns to new heights, ensuring they achieve maximum impact and success.” —Oscar Cruz, Account Director at EPA Digital.

Grow your mobile app with Jampp

If you want to learn more about how Jampp’s programmatic platform and solutions can help you grow your user base and drive more in-app conversions, take a look at our success stories, or contact us to see our growth platform in action.


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