TIM increases conversions with Jampp’s App Retargeting solution

TIM, the fastest-growing mobile telecommunications company in Brazil, partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting.

Gabriel Tassinari

December 4, 2023

About TIM 

As the fastest-growing mobile telecommunications company in Brazil, TIM delivers innovative and high-quality mobile, fixed-line, and broadband internet services focusing on one purpose: evolving together with courage, transforming technology into freedom.

Their TIM+Vantagens program is aimed at granting benefits to customers within the prepaid segment, such as earning prizes through giveaways, exclusive discounts with partners, discounts on devices, and even bonuses to be used for top-ups. With the TIM+Vantagens app, users not only access these exclusive benefits but also get a direct connection to TIM’s customer service.

Images showing the TIM+Vantagens app

The Challenge

As one of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in Brazil, TIM understood early on that keeping users engaged is a top priority to maximize retention: according to the latest AppsFlyer data, over 90% of users churn 7 days after installing an app unless they are re-targeted [1]. 

With the goal of maintaining its rapid regional growth, TIM partnered with Jampp for App Retargeting, getting more users to play mobile games and unlock prizes in the TIM+Vantagens app.

The Solution

Driving in-app conversions with App Retargeting

TIM wanted to focus on going beyond the install to get users to play more games, more often. Leveraging App Retargeting, they achieved:

  • Incremental revenue: TIM effectively led users further down the conversion funnel, increasing in-app events and encouraging users to retrieve prizes and try new games.
  • Increased retention: By engaging existing users with relevant ads, TIM consistently highlighted the app's latest benefits to existing users. This helped them keep users informed and interested, making them more likely to return to the app regularly.
  • Competitive advantage: When it comes to mobile games, users often alternate between competing apps. App Retargeting played a key role in helping TIM+Vantagens stay top-of-mind and first-choice for users.
Some of the top-performing ads for TIM's mobile app

Improving CPA rates with Creative Optimization 

The escalating trend of video consumption on mobile devices (accounting for 71% of global mobile traffic in 2022), prompted Jampp to strategically optimize campaign performance with Video Ads.  

Video Ads proved to be an effective format to harness the exclusive benefits and game options within TIM+Vantagens. By using different video ad variations, TIM effectively delivered a clear and engaging call-to-action, capturing their audience both visually and audibly, while also boosting brand recognition and recall. As a result, TIM saw a significant 38% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and a 28% increase in user engagement events.

Key results

TIM success metrics after partnering with Jampp for App Retargeting

Grow your mobile app with Jampp

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