Top 10 reasons to go to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

10 reasons not to miss the mobile event of the year taking place in just 10 days!

Florencia Vago

February 19, 2014

10 reasons not to miss the mobile event of the year taking place in just 10 days!

1. Must Witness Congress, last year’s event gathered more than 85,000 attendees from over 200 countries. Anybody who is anybody in the Mobile Industry will be there.
2. Mobile-World Celebrities like Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Tom Wheeler (FCC) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) are among the keynote speakers!
3. Meet With Clients & suppliers in person! Plus, it’s a unique opportunity to make new acquaintances. 
4. Many Welcomed Companies, more than 1,800 organisations showcased products and services through exhibition stands and hospitality spaces across nine halls and outdoor spaces last year. 
5. Mobile-manufacturers Will Choose their latest, coolest mobile phones and prototypes to show-off, so you will get a first glimpse at the mobile phones of the future!
6. Mouth-Watering Cuisine: the food alone is a huge reason to visit Barcelona, and the MWC does right by its city. People attending the MWC eat over 35,000 bocadillo type sandwiches and more than 25,000 pieces of breakfast pastry! Many Warm Coffees are also consumed! 40,000 to be exact. Not to mention the bars and cafés in the surrounding area.
7. Many Witty Companies will want you to have their branded battery packs, stress balls, t-shirts, caps, etc. so you know you are walking out with swag!
8. Marvelous Winter Climate, although it is winter in most of the northern hemisphere, you can expect great weather in Barcelona.
9. Maybe Wear Comfortable shoes and get in shape without even noticing it, as you wander in awe around de 94000m2 of exhibition ground
10. Mingling With Class, don’t miss Jampp’s VIP only, party at the best Bar in Europe! Are you on the list?

event to learn all about next generation services, growth strategies and the new technological developments… in short, all industry news are on the agenda and we are psyched to be a part of it.

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